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Did you know that more than 67% of users who browse the Internet do so via a mobile device? According to the Digital 2022 Report by Hootsuite and We Are Social, this digit currently represents 5.32 billion people worldwide. For this reason, it becomes essential to work on Mobile UX Design for your brand. Find out why.

The importance of a good Mobile UX Design for your company

Firstly, you may be wondering what Mobile UX Design is.  When we talk about “UX”, we refer to User Experience. And “Mobile” implies the use of mobile devices, such as a smartphone. Consequently, it is all about the user experience on mobile devices.

But which experience? All those that a person experiences when interacting with a brand’s platforms across the digital ecosystem. When a user engages with a company through an application or a website, he builds an image of its brand, which is determined by the quality and usability of its services.

Does the software work well? Is it easy to use? Are there any bugs? When browsing, the user will evaluate our services, based on these and other questions. If he notices problems, it could be said that there are “pain points”. That is all those weaknesses (or pain points) that make the User Experience not optimal

Types of mobile pain points that can occur in your company

If you don’t work on these issues, you could be missing opportunities for improvement. Therefore, here are some types of pain points that may exist in your company:

  • Engagement. It is noticed when the interaction between the customer and the brand is negative. For example, if the user talks to a bot and does not get a satisfactory response.
  • Journey. It occurs if there is no information regarding something the customer needs to know. For example, if the web page does not show the shipping status of a product.
  • Service. These are all the problems that hinder the brand’s service. For example, if an application is full of ads, the user could delete it.

Commonly, some of these faults exist in your company. But don’t worry: our Mobile UX specialists can optimize your digital performance so that the users feel more satisfied with the experience provided by your brand. And this is something we were able to achieve with our Mobile UX Design success story at Efectivo Sí

Discover one of Epidata’s UX/UI success stories: Efectivo Sí

Efectivo Sí has become one of Epidata’s UX/UI success stories. It is a non-bank financial institution and a leader in the personal loan sector. Nevertheless, in the past, Efectivo Sí needed to enhance its digital channels. In this way, it was necessary to transform its website into an intuitive payment gateway. 

Through a Mobile UX Design optimization, both on Android and iOS, we improved the usability of their digital channels. The result? Today, their users can perform various tasks simply from a smartphone, which increases the number of end customers who can use such a service. 

What are the benefits of a UX Mobile audit? 

That said, are you interested in learning more benefits of performing a good UX Research Mobile work, like the one we have achieved at Efectivo Sí? Here they are:

Increased traffic and sales

As we mentioned before, a huge amount of users are choosing to surf the Internet through a mobile device. As a result, all your company’s platforms can offer good usability on these devices. This will allow you to increase conversions and achieve a successful sales funnel

Decrease in bounce rate

A bounce happens when a user only spends a few seconds in contact with your website, but then decides not to move forward. This can be a problem, as something happened so he did not continue with the process. For example, the bad usability of the web on cell phones. If you optimize your mobile ecosystem, this rate will go down.

Increased user ratings 

Finally, another benefit of working on the Mobile User Experience is that your brand or applications will have a good valuation by users. For example, if your design for an app works well, it will possibly have a high number of stars in the Store. And this will influence more people to download it. 

UX Design for mobile apps: a necessary task to increase your digital performance

In conclusion, good Mobile UX Design work can be the key to improving usability on these devices and getting all your projects to unleash their potential. If you want to optimize these areas in your company, do not hesitate to consult our specialized UX/UI services

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