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Automate Your Corporate Processes

Robotic Process Automation (RPA) is a well-established practice at Epidata, where we use specialized software and our experience from multiple successful projects to help you improve your business.

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Innovation Tells Its Own Stories

Discover the case of Pedidos Ya, one of the leading logistics apps in Latin America, which needed to streamline its daily credit card accounting process through task automation.

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Optimize Your Company's Processes with Our Services

With our specialized team, we have built different solutions tailored to your business. Explore our RPA solutions that will help you improve your company’s performance.

End-to-End Developments

We transform manual processes into automated processes, including analysis, software installation, process development, and deployment.


We provide our clients with consulting services for the diagnosis, analysis, and evaluation of existing company processes.


We offer RPA software courses, ranging from intermediate to advanced levels, for teams with no prior experience.

Licensing and Distribution

We offer personalized sales and licensing of AA, UiPath, or Fortra, based on the customer’s needs.

Efficiency for Your Corporate Processes

We are familiar with the best market practices in RPA services, which will help you automate your company’s processes, increase task speed, and boost employee productivity.

Scalability for Your Future Needs

With scalable solutions and experienced professional teams, your process automation will adapt to future needs with low integration costs, positively impacting your company.

Implement Our RPA Solutions and Achieve Great Results


We have the necessary expertise to effectively optimize your key processes.


We use agile methodologies to enhance flexibility, and continuous improvement, and involve the customer in decision-making as part of the team.


We ensure continuous feedback cycles to reduce the likelihood of errors.


We employ best practices in software development to guarantee the security of your data.


We analyze which processes are suitable for automation to generate value in your company.


We design RPA solutions that reduce resource usage and improve performance.

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Some of Our Clients


UiPath is an AI-driven enterprise automation platform that combines Robotic Process Automation (RPA) with a comprehensive suite of capabilities for understanding, automating, and operating end-to-end processes.

Power Automate is Microsoft’s platform for process and workflow automation, allowing you to quickly and easily create cloud-based flows and use templates to address your business needs.

Designed for all teams in your organization, MuleSoft RPA eliminates manual processes and tasks with simple and advanced automation. It provides intelligent automation anywhere in your business and achieves complete automation at scale.

Automation Anywhere is a cloud-based RPA application that can be used to easily automate different tasks across various bots.

Formerly known as HelpSystems, Fortra enables the automation of various tasks while ensuring high standards of cybersecurity.

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