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Achieve full integration of your applications and data with Epidata

As one of the leading global partners, our knowledge and experience in MuleSoft will help you build solid and scalable bridges between your applications, data, and business processes.
With the MuleSoft suite, we can simplify the integration of your systems, maximizing the value of your information to leverage new business opportunities.

Discover the full power of the complete Mulesoft
suite through our specialists.

As a Partner Connector Developer and Partner Consulting since 2013, capitalize on our worldwide experience.

Anypoint Platform

At Epidata, we use Anypoint Platform to enhance our clients’ connectivity, offering comprehensive integration solutions that optimize the efficiency and agility of their operations.

MuleSoft Composer

With Composer, we at Epidata expand our clients’ capacity to quickly create custom integrations and automate key processes in their business, without the need for extensive programming knowledge.

MuleSoft RPA

At Epidata, we ensure the efficiency and productivity of our clients by implementing innovative solutions with MuleSoft RPA, freeing employees from tedious tasks and allowing them to focus on higher strategic value activities.

Flow Orchestration

At Epidata, we aim to maximize process automation through low code. From unifying workflows to optimizing processes and scaling solutions, we can enhance the use of Flow Orchestration. This way, we drive efficiency, collaboration, and innovation in the business realm.

Anypoint Platform

Experience limitless integration

At Epidata, we are committed to driving the growth and efficiency of your business using innovative tools. With MuleSoft Anypoint Platform, we can optimize your APIs and integrations through a single platform, ensuring smooth and efficient operations aligned with your strategic objectives.

Faster application delivery

We can help you create quality APIs, ensuring accelerated application delivery. For example, by starting development through templates provided by the MuleSoft ecosystem. We are also capable of searching for pre-built APIs to use as references.

Building an API from scratch with broad utilization across various protocols is possible with our support. You can automatically transform data, test APIs and integrations, and connect your integrations with CI/CD tools with built-in support for Maven and Jenkins.

APIs suitable for any architecture or environment

Implementing APIs in different architectures and environments can be a challenge, but at Epidata, we bring our expertise in using Mulesoft Anypoint Platform to manage your APIs in an agile and successful manner on any technological infrastructure.

We ensure 99.99% uptime with MuleSoft’s CloudHub. We also implement on Docker containers and Kubernetes clusters on AWS, Azure, GCP, and on your own on-premise infrastructure with Anypoint Runtime Fabric.

Ensure automated security for your APIs and data

With MuleSoft Anypoint Platform, we achieve compliance with ISO 27001, SOC 2, PCI DSS, and GDPR standards. These internationally recognized standards support information protection and privacy.

We can control each API, regardless of its origin or environment, according to industry standards and norms, without overhead development costs. Additionally, we establish secure perimeters around data, APIs, microservices, and integrations.

Develop, integrate, and scale your applications with our Anypoint Platform expertise


Swift delivery

Increase the delivery time of integration and application development projects.

Automated security

Integrate automatic mechanisms to ensure data and information security.

Resilient operations

Maintain availability and performance, even in adverse situations.


A flexible solution capable of adapting and evolving with changes in business and technology.

API-driven connectivity

Facilitate the creation, management, and connection of APIs for efficient system and application integration.

Low-Code Development

Used to rapidly develop applications with a visual and simplified Low-Code approach.

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MuleSoft Composer

Energize your workflows

At Epidata, we understand the importance of simplifying integrations and optimizing workflows for each company. That’s why we promote the use of MuleSoft Composer, a low-code integration solution that allows non-technical business users to quickly create customized workflows and automations.

With Epidata, gain the benefits of instant application and data integration

Agility in workflow creation

Thanks to its low-code approach, Composer enables users to rapidly create workflows without the need for extensive programming knowledge.

With our support, you can accelerate delivery times and improve business agility as we provide best practices for each process.

Empowerment of users

With Composer, users can take control of their own integrations and automations without relying solely on IT teams. This fosters collaboration and streamlines internal processes.

Through our guidance, business users can become self-sufficient in creating and managing workflows.

Constant flexibility and scalability

Composer adapts to changing needs and allows you to scale your workflows as your business grows. Components can be added or modified as necessary to maintain operational efficiency.

Furthermore, we provide advice on the architecture of your workflows to ensure scalability and adaptability as your company evolves.

Make your integration projects simple and risk-free

Intuitive interface

Allows users to design workflows by simply dragging and dropping various predefined components.

Limitless connectivity

Seamlessly integrates with a wide variety of systems and applications, facilitating data connection.

Business rules and logic

Includes functionality to configure rules in workflows, ensuring integration coherence.

Comprehensive visibility

Ensures the security each company needs, with tools for managing and monitoring each integration.

Continuous collaboration

Enables sharing of templates and custom assets, helping teams jumpstart their projects.

Ready connectors

You can quickly create your projects with ready-to-use connectors and real-time data previews.

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MuleSoft RPA

Achieve simplified automation with our RPA expertise

Streamlining business processes has never been as accessible as with MuleSoft RPA, a tool we work with to optimize repetitive tasks and enhance operational productivity. At Epidata, we can unlock your company’s potential with this solution, ensuring efficient and secure automation.

Benefits of automating with Mulesoft RPA and Epidata

Improved operational efficiency

MuleSoft RPA reduces the time spent on manual and repetitive tasks, allowing your team to focus on strategic and high-value activities.

In this regard, Epidata provides specialized guidance and customization of MuleSoft RPA to tailor it to your specific needs and maximize operational efficiency.

Greater accuracy and process quality

By automating processes, human errors are minimized, ensuring higher accuracy and quality in daily operations, no matter what they entail.

This is why we closely collaborate with your company to identify the suitable processes for automation, ensuring accurate and high-quality results.

Cost optimization

As manual tasks are reduced, MuleSoft RPA also reduces costs associated with time spent on repetitive activities, minimizing the need for additional personnel.

In this context, Epidata collaborates in identifying the most suitable and automatable processes, resulting in long-term cost savings.

Harness the power of bots to strengthen your processes

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Flow Orchestration

Unifying workflows

Flow Orchestration is a low-code tool designed to automate complex multi-user processes through integrated task management. With this technology, Epidata can streamline collaboration between individuals and departments by coordinating interconnected processes involving multiple teams, all within a single optimized workflow.

Multiple workflows in a single view

We bring the ability to unify multiple workflows in a single view, providing a comprehensive overview of operations and enabling greater clarity and control over ongoing processes. By automating tasks and approvals involving multiple users and steps, as well as creating parallel workflows, we can enhance productivity and efficiency in the workplace.

Automation scalability

With Flow Orchestration, we enable scalability in automation efforts. Administrators and developers can leverage low-code to create processes, integrate data, and build reusable automated actions and components. This ability to swiftly and efficiently create customized solutions helps drive innovation and adaptation to changing business demands.

Optimization of complex processes

This tool is key to our goal of optimizing complex processes. Through monitoring and bottleneck removal, we can reduce time between tasks and improve overall workflow smoothness. By identifying and effectively addressing congestion points, operational efficiency is maximized and objectives are achieved faster.

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