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Software Architecture & Apps Integrations

We offer consulting services on Software Architecture based on clients´ needs. Due to our expertise in different industrial sectors, we know each business and their weaknesses.

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Adoption of integration platforms

APis, esbs and microservices. Cooperation between our experts and clients in order to implement an integration platform for a specific project.

Applications mapping

Applications Mapping will provide you information related to the company applications on a unique product which will offer you tools to make your tasks and responsibilities more effective. This will enable you to focus on what is important and align the IT strategy in an agile, flexible and quick way so that it can offer a correct support and sustainability to your growth.


  • To optimize IT management time
  • To have a unique, updated and centralized applications information source.
  • To perform an impact analysis of applications migrations
  • To control the applications and its dependences
  • To estimate complex projects
  • To use the same tool for both documenting and architecture enabling traceability
  • To save time using documentation automatically generated by means of templates
Architecture Assessment

Integration of platforms, products and technologies by means of a critical
report including conclusions and suggested actions for the company.


Tailor-made Software Architecture
We help architects improve the work done in the projects they take part in.
We offer professional development programs.


MuleSoft is the most used integration platform related to SaaS companies’ applications.

Advanced Business Partner for Red Hat y JBoss products.

Powering all APIs and microservices for today’s leading innovators.

Keep Innovation Close

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