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Accelerate your growth with our Salesforce expertise

At Epidata, as a Salesforce Cloud Reseller, we have the capability to assist you in implementing groundbreaking business applications accessible from the cloud. These applications are designed to help you acquire new customers, close transactions faster, and intelligently provide services and market products.

Epidata chosen as Salesforce Cloud Reseller for Argentina and Uruguay

At Epidata, we collaborate with forward-thinking partners and companies worldwide. It is our extensive experience in the Latin American market, supported by our role as a Mulesoft Partner Connector Developer and Partner Consulting since 2013, that has earned Salesforce’s trust in including us in their select partner ecosystem.

Customer 360° Transform your customer relationships
with a focus on your company's ROI

With our Salesforce experts, you can optimize outcomes based on our experience in Innovation Outsourcing.

Sales Cloud

Surpass your results by enhancing your sales team’s efficiency through automation, data, and AI-powered sales force.

Service Cloud

Deliver exceptional experiences to your customers and boost their loyalty by providing personalized service across integrated channels with AI technology.

Marketing Cloud

Make a significant impact on your brand with multiple integrated solutions for planning, personalizing, and optimizing your customer experiences (customer journey).

Commerce Cloud

Acquire more customers and grow with the world’s leading B2C and B2B cloud-based e-commerce platform, enabling brands to create intelligent and unified shopping experiences across mobile, social, web, and online stores.

Salesforce Platform

Create applications tailored to your company’s processes, fully integrated with the Salesforce ecosystem, taking your company’s collaborative work and customer experience to the next level.

Slack y Tableau

With Slack, have a digital space that integrates people, partners, and applications with flexibility. Add Tableau for comprehensive analysis, connecting data and business initiatives for better commercial results.

We've been a Mulesoft Reseller since 2013, the #1 API and Integration platform worldwide

Mulesoft by Salesforce has the potential to connect and automate AI + Data + CRM in any system. At Epidata, we help you gain a complete view of your customers with a single reliable source of truth, connecting data from any system in real-time to provide personalized experiences to your customers and users.

Create synergies between government entities and citizens with Salesforce Solutions

At Epidata, we know how to provide government entities and public organizations with solutions compatible with the private sector, thoroughly tested, efficient, and impactful on citizens. That’s why we align integrated strategies for the Public Sector with Salesforce to create value in society.

Sales Cloud

Manage customer relationships with maximum profitability

With Epidata and Salesforce Sales Cloud 360, the most powerful cloud CRM solution on the market, empower your sales force to work smarter by centralizing account and contact information, automating interaction tracking, and turning tasks into a constant value chain for your customers.

Sales Cloud Benefits


Foster long-lasting relationships and cultivate customer loyalty in every interaction

Connect your sales, marketing, finance, billing, and service teams to guide each potential customer through a map of personalized experiences. Turn every conversation into a business opportunity.

Empower your team. Automate your processes

Accelerate your revenue. Empower your sales representatives to work faster. Increase your team's impact with information, guidance, and forecasts generated by artificial intelligence.

Build your sales strategy and expand your reach

Adjust your sales strategy agilely and respond to new markets and demands quickly and with reliable information.

Innovate from your company's revenue generation

Boost your digital transformation with the perfect CRM. Scale your sales easily, regardless of your growth phase.

Service Cloud

Make a positive impact by providing extraordinary customer experiences

Automate service processes, optimize workflows, share relevant information to transform your customers’ experience, and offer assistance through multiple contact channels, anytime, anywhere.

Achieve a 32% increase in customer satisfaction with the most comprehensive customer support software.

Service Cloud Benefits


Facilitate collaboration among your service teams, regardless of their location, for more efficient work

Provide solutions more quickly using a set of intelligent productivity tools, providing complete visibility to your teams and customers in every interaction.

Offer immediate assistance through self-service portals

Expand your support by connecting customers to self-service resources, incorporating AI-powered chatbots and other fully integrable tools.

Provide customer support across all possible channels, at all times

Be available to your customers when they need you and on the contact channel they prefer: Chat, SMS, WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger, and integrated chatbots with AI technology.

Optimize your strategic approach with AI integration

Automate as much work and activities as possible, creating value for your customers and engaging your teams strategically with artificial intelligence.

Marketing Cloud

Put your customers at the heart of your business for long-term relationships

With Epidata, master the ideal digital platform to efficiently manage your brand’s interaction with prospects and customers in various channels and personalized ways. Strategically manage customer experience, measure each interaction, and guide your customers’ experience.

Marketing Cloud Benefits


Personalize your messages

Automate marketing to reach customers with relevant messages, making content interesting for your audience and generating revenue. Interact via mobile messaging.

Integrate your social networks into your customers' experience

Use social media to guide the customer experience with marketing tools on social networks and personalized messages. Support your business by quickly interacting, listening to your audiences, and generating information that enhances your consumers' experience.

Get useful information for decision-making

Unify your customer databases and generate strategic information through artificial intelligence to aid in decision-making with an impact on your results and sales forecasts.

Control the complete purchase cycle

From the initial contact with a prospect to their decision to purchase, you can track and understand their journey on your platforms and processes, developing marketing actions that drive sales.

Commerce Cloud

Expand your reach to new markets and potential customers

Master the world’s leading B2C and B2B cloud-based e-commerce solution with the help of Epidata. This allows you to create intelligent and unified shopping experiences across all your channels: mobile, social, web, and online stores, leveraging cutting-edge integrated artificial intelligence within the Commerce Cloud platform.

Commerce Cloud Benefits


Align e-commerce with your business

Connect the customer experience using all your data to enhance each interaction with artificial intelligence, accompanying your online shopping process, integrating applications and tools to personalize your e-commerce.

Add value through personalized customer information

Improve your sales conversion rate by creating personalized shopping experiences with more real information about each of your customers for your sales, service, marketing, commerce, and IT areas.

Use a flexible and easily scalable platform

Regardless of your market size or company size, the e-commerce solution is scalable, easy to maintain, and highly reliable, even on the busiest operation days.

Salesforce Platform

Easily develop fully integrated applications with Salesforce

We guide you in creating applications quickly and easily, tailored to your company’s processes and the Salesforce universe to generate unique customer experiences.

Salesforce Platform Benefits


Develop quality applications focused on your goals

Harness the power of artificial intelligence to create applications connected to your CRM data and deploy your applications with DevOps and open technology on an easily manageable platform.

Create applications on a reliable platform

Design integrated digital experiences with security and confidence, and drive customer management growth and productivity with the help of artificial intelligence. Create engaging and effective digital experiences for your customers.


Lower costs, increase productivity, and achieve seamless communication with customers

Connect people, business partners, and applications flexibly, boosting productivity and collaboration in your customer relationship ecosystem, resulting in up to 26% more employee productivity*.

“2022 Salesforce Success Metrics Global Highlights” – A study conducted in 2022, based on interviews with 3,706 customers from the United States, Canada, the United Kingdom, France, Australia, India, Singapore, Japan, and Brazil.

Slack Benefits


Increase efficiency with automated workflows

Empower your entire business to automate manual tasks with flexible workflows and over 2,500 integrated applications.

Enhance team performance with better decision-making

Make your smart predictions and recommendations easier to implement by integrating them into your work context.

Make better decisions with real-time data

Respond quickly to customer demands with fully integrated Data Cloud and your customers included in your digital headquarters.


Achieve success today by making decisions at the speed of change

Use comprehensive analysis to connect data and insights to better business outcomes.

Tableau Benefits


Automate the analysis of all your data

Visualize and explore all your data and obtain automated insights for your entire organization.

Utilize AI for better decision-making

Use predictions, recommendations, and smart workflows to get answers to crucial questions for your business.

Collaborate and leverage real-time information provided by Tableau Genie

Act in real-time and make every decision based on data generated in the workflow itself.

Use governance to empower your reliable data

Ensure visibility and control to have secure and high-quality data when you need it.

Integrate your data and applications to create value in your business

As a Partner Connector Developer and Partner Consulting for Mulesoft since 2013, we help organizations build strong and scalable bridges between their applications, data, and business processes. With the MuleSoft suite, we can simplify the integration of your systems, maximizing the value of your information to leverage new business opportunities.

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