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Discover the power of automation

As strategic partners of UiPath, we can efficiently help you automate your corporate processes through cloud-oriented RPA solutions. Boost your company’s potential with our support and stay competitive in your market.

How do we promote innovation with UiPath?

Discovery of possible improvements

Our UiPath implementation approach not only involves automating existing processes but also discovering opportunities to improve areas that have not yet been optimized and can have a significant impact on your business.

Automation of repetitive tasks

We use this platform to develop customized solutions that automate repetitive and tedious tasks, allowing your company to free up time and resources to focus on higher-value activities. This way, you can create a comprehensive infrastructure that transforms your way of working.

Optimization of workflows

We analyze your existing business processes and improve them by automating manual tasks and optimizing workflows. This increases efficiency, reduces costs, and increases the productivity of your processes.

A transformation in your work cycles

See how our UiPath services can strengthen your way of working.

Functions that empower your corporate processes

Process automation

We can automate entire business processes: from simple and repetitive tasks to complex workflows involving multiple applications and systems. For example, in areas such as finance, human resources, customer service, and operations. This automation results in a reduction of errors and an acceleration in task execution.

Integration with systems and applications

A wide range of elements are ready to be easily integrated with a variety of systems and applications, such as ERPs, CRMs, databases, email systems, and more. This allows you to automate processes that involve interactions with different systems and applications, without the need to write code.

Development with and without code

UiPath offers a visual and intuitive interface that helps developers create automation, making it easy to create workflows and automate business processes. By implementing it, we ensure flexibility and the ability to customize all areas of work.

Scalability and security

With our UiPath support and implementation, we offer advanced security features, such as data encryption, secure authentication, activity auditing, and more, to ensure the protection of your data and compliance with regulations.

Analytics and monitoring

To promote continuous improvement, we rely on real-time analytics and monitoring that allow us to track and measure the performance of your automation. You can gain insights into the use of your automated processes, identify improvement opportunities, and optimize the efficiency of your workflows.

Continuous Support

Our UiPath implementation ensures consistent performance to perfect your business processes over time. In case of any eventualities, our technical support is always available to assist you in the implementation and optimization of your automation.

With UiPath we achieve


Increase in profitability


Reduction in costs


Improvement in employee and customer experience


Improvement in task compliance

World-class Automation

Transform your company into a more efficient, competitive, and future-ready organization. Learn why implementing UiPath with Epidata is the way to go.

Comprehensive and Personalized Approach

Every company is unique. That’s why we conduct a thorough analysis of your business processes to identify automation opportunities and develop tailor-made solutions that fit your specific needs and goals. We provide support throughout the entire process: from planning and design to implementation and automation deployment.

Continuous Collaboration

Our commitment doesn’t end with the implementation of UiPath. We provide continuous support to ensure that your company’s automation runs smoothly. We offer monitoring, maintenance, and regular updates to ensure the optimal performance of your automated processes.

Tangible Results

Thanks to our UiPath implementation, you can achieve time and resource savings, improved efficiency and accuracy of operations, as well as scalability and flexibility in automated processes. All of this translates into increased innovation and competitiveness in your industry, resulting in valuable outcomes for your company.

Certified Professionals

We have a team of UiPath-certified professionals, ensuring that you’re working with experts in the leading automation platform. Our team holds certifications such as UiPath Advanced RPA Developer, UiPath Certified RPA Business Analyst, Sales, and Pre-Sales, among others, demonstrating our experience and technical knowledge in implementing automation solutions.

Best Development Practices

We follow best development practices in implementation to ensure the quality, maintenance, and scalability of automation solutions. We strive to meet UiPath’s high development standards, such as the recommended project structure, proper exception management, component reuse, and thorough testing, to ensure robust and reliable solutions.

Agile Methodologies

Due to our know-how, we use agile methodologies to ensure efficient and high-quality implementation. We work closely with our clients to identify their needs and define clear objectives in iterative sprints, allowing for agile automation solutions implementation.

Accelerate Digital Transformation with Our UiPath Support

With our UiPath coverage, you can unlock your company’s unlimited potential through RPA and artificial intelligence-based solutions. Your organization will begin to automate at scale, enabling you to focus on more satisfying, valuable, and strategic work.

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