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Control your business from your IT infrastructure

At Epidata, we help you achieve complete visibility of your business from your IT resources and applications, allowing you to monitor, troubleshoot, and optimize your corporate processes through Datadog. We successfully integrate monitoring and tracking to meet your strategic needs.

We enhance the benefits of Datadog in our implementation

Prioritize decision-making with real-time metrics.

SaaS implementation

We can easily implement Datadog. To start monitoring systems, all you need is to install an agent on each component, whether it is in cloud providers, Kubernetes, Docker, Windows, and more.

Animated dashboards

With our work with Datadog, we offer a comprehensive perspective with different cells for metrics, traces, and logs. You can also access animated dashboards with graphs that allow you to select points and directly access logs related to that metric.

Over 400 integrations

We can monitor tools such as Kafka, Chef, Couchbase, among many others. Furthermore, this system allows for full-stack visibility of all deployments. Therefore, in a single platform, you can visualize key infrastructure parameters.

As Gold Partners of Datadog, thanks to our regional presence and specialized knowledge derived from successful implementations in observability, we achieve the maximization of our clients’ IT assets’ benefits, positively impacting the profitability of their business.

Why implement Datadog with Epidata?

  • We provide worldwide assistance as official partners of Datadog in the implementation, integration, and continuous optimization of your corporate processes.
  • We successfully integrate monitoring and observability based on your needs through systems, applications, and services.
  • We accompany you in monitoring, problem resolution, and performance optimization of your applications with complete visibility.
  • We help proactively monitor the user experience through an integrated view.
  • We allow organizing the flow of alerts about critical and performance problems and interpreting them to anticipate solutions.

We innovate hand in hand with a leader

Epidata is an official partner of Datadog, named a leader in the Gartner Magic Quadrant for application performance monitoring and observability in 2022. At Epidata, we synergize with outsourcing innovation in world-class partnerships leveraging experiences and knowledge.
Gartner Epidata Datadog

Control all your processes with the support of our services

Implementation and customization

We implement Datadog in your company to ensure constant monitoring and data analysis. As each company has specific needs, we adapt the settings based on your requirements, with custom control panels and alerts to measure your most relevant metrics, all in real-time.

Integration and optimization

If you already use other monitoring and analysis tools in your organization, we can integrate Datadog to have a holistic view of your business infrastructure. Likewise, we will verify that your Datadog configuration offers the best performance that your company needs, identifying bottlenecks to maximize this software.

Assistance and support

If this is your first time using Datadog, don’t worry. We provide comprehensive assistance and support to get the most out of this specialized tool for tracking your company’s metrics. You can see how monitoring and analysis data can be used, as well as configuring alerts to keep your infrastructure running smoothly.

Innovate with Datadog and Epidata

We promote innovation in companies through this SaaS platform to provide these differential advantages.

Complete visibility

Datadog provides a complete view of cloud infrastructure and applications, allowing teams to quickly detect and troubleshoot issues. Operations and development groups will see CPU performance, memory, storage, network, as well as application and database metrics.

Greater efficiency

Efficiency is one of the differential aspects of this service. Basically, it helps teams be more productive by providing a single platform for monitoring and analyzing metrics, logs, and tracing. By having a single tool for monitoring, teams can save time and resources.

Improved performance

Datadog allows teams to detect and troubleshoot performance issues before they affect end-users, ensuring the total availability of applications and services in the cloud. Additionally, SaaS monitoring removes the need for continuous maintenance of tools, updates, or management.

Custom alerts

Datadog allows teams to set custom alerts based on specific thresholds, events, and log patterns, helping teams to quickly respond to problems. Custom alerts help teams be proactive in problem-solving.

Master the functions that empower your corporate processes

Metric monitoring

Datadog collects and monitors a wide variety of metrics, including CPU performance, memory, storage, and network, as well as application and database metrics.


This platform allows users to store and analyze real-time application and system logs. These logs can be searched, filtered, and analyzed to identify and solve problems quickly.

Application tracing

It also provides a complete view of the application stack, helping users track requests and detect real-time problems.


Users can start setting custom alerts based on specific thresholds, events, and log patterns.


Datadog provides a wide variety of visualizations, including graphs and tables, that allow users to easily visualize metrics and logs in real-time.


Datadog also has a wide variety of tools and services, making it very useful for performing different integrations.

One-click integrations

Some Datadog clients

Keep innovation close

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