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Innovation and Experience in Digital Banking

At Epidata, we collaborate in the design and implementation of projects that facilitate the digital transformation of financial institutions. Over 80 million people interact with modern financial systems developed or maintained by Epidata.

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Outsourcing Innovation for Banking and Fintech

We focus on co-creating different solutions to drive digital banking.

Management of the first 5 implementations of Homebanking in Argentina.

First Java Banking Core framework in Latin America.

Creation of the most widely used banking ESB (Software Architecture Model) core worldwide (+20 associated connectors).

Implementation of ISO 8583 for AMEX Canada (and other banks) through Salesforce.

Implementation of AI Techniques and Heat Mapping for Cash Loans.

Development of a web-enabling platform for retail banks and fintech in Latam.

ISO-9001 and ISO-2700I Standard certifications.

Bankia Innovation Award

(Digital Vault)

Implementation of AI techniques.

Innovation Award with the University of the Center

Creation of an automated trading system with Machine Learning.

Empower the digital transformation journey of your business processes

Agile Project Management

As leaders in the innovation outsourcing segment, our approach using agile work cells allows us to collaborate and add value to our clients’ businesses, generating a real impact on the lives of end users through innovative and controlled investment digital solutions.

Our agile cells are based on 3 strategic pillars to accompany you in the process of continuous and controlled innovation, with a focus on added value.

  1. Iterative Results. Solid and tested processes.
  2. Performance measurements.
  3. Scaling.

This allows us to manage and provide the necessary talent to successfully implement digital banking.

Reducción de Riesgos

Our methodology of Design, Management, Measurement, and Quality Control mitigates risks and helps control the balance of results vs. investment for our clients.

Our implementations will allow you to achieve risk control of responsibility. For example, you can reduce liabilities and responsibility risks for your company.

By offering digital services, the costs of physical infrastructure are eliminated, and human errors that can result in liability risks are reduced. As a result, you will carry out your daily operations with greater efficiency and security.

Specialized Talent

Thanks to our expertise in digital banking, we are able to guarantee a high capacity for dynamic talent, with low operational risks.

The dynamics of digital banking require Banks and Fintech companies to increase or decrease their staff according to business needs. Through our specialized team proposal, they can quickly adapt to changes in market demand without incurring additional hiring and training costs.

Co-creation in Banking and Fintech

Software Architecture & Application Integration

Digital Transformation & Co-Innovation Labs


RPA & Automation

Mobile App & Gaming


Innovation tells its own stories

We invite you to learn about ICBC’s case, where we developed a GitLab Enterprise Architecture consultancy.

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We invite you to learn about BBVA’s case, Know-How as a Driver of Digital Transformation.

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References in Banking

Architecture and implementation of GitLab Premium + DevOps organizational transformation

Organization transformation and training of over 400 professionals

Integration Architecture consulting and advisory

RPA consulting, advisory, and integrations

Support and maintenance of SAT and staffing

Support and maintenance of EA licenses, Mulesoft integration

Support in implementation and use of SonarQube Enterprise, DevOps Cell project

Support, assistance, and maintenance of SAT application on JAVA

Support in the implementation and use of SonarQube Enterprise

Support and integration cell for digital transformation and Mulesoft integrations


GitLab is a cloud-based platform that enables secure and efficient testing and deployment of code.

MuleSoft is an iPaaS integration software that connects applications, data, and devices within companies.

Red Hat includes various automation tools, containers, applications, and middleware.

UiPath is an AI-driven enterprise automation platform that combines Robotic Process Automation (RPA) with a comprehensive suite of capabilities to understand, automate, and operate end-to-end processes.


Your servers, clouds, metrics, applications, and team, are all monitored simultaneously on a single platform. We help you gain complete visibility to monitor, troubleshoot, and optimize their performance.

Microsoft empowers businesses through various tools that ensure digital transformation.

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