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Venture Investment

We invest in entrepreneurs, whether they are part of an emerging startup or a consolidated company, who share our vision for creating value and building companies with a significant impact on the market.

What motivates us?

We aim to grow together, innovating and driving projects with our investments, sharing values and strategic know-how.

Empowering Visionaries

We are interested in individuals who believe in their projects, share our values, and are passionate about making a positive impact through technology.

We are motivated to find people who genuinely want to create something enduring and leave a mark through their ideas, regardless of whether these projects may generate millions or not, or whether they involve 10 or 1,000 people.

That’s why we seek to understand your project end to end, in order to provide the most accurate mentoring to boost and support you in the development of your vision, with a solid and enhanced business plan.

We are interested in your desire to grow and learn because it aligns with our company’s purpose.

How do we work?

We invest up to $1 million USD in different investment rounds.

We collaborate in the development of the business plan and boost the company's expansion.

We provide access to our network of contacts and alliances and all our social capital in Latin America and the United States.

We introduce members to the board and mentors who enable partners to achieve their personal and company objectives.

We do not take control of the company.

We offer our expertise and production capacity to scale engineering areas in record time.

We make our hiring capacity, product distribution, and service offerings available throughout the region.

Who accompanies us?

We have an ecosystem of partners and strategic allies with whom we co-invest and mentor, working together to empower the companies and entrepreneurs we believe in.

We aim to create a purpose-driven, trained, visionary, and interconnected angel investor ecosystem in Latin America focused on entrepreneurial development.

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We seek to foster a new generation of Latino entrepreneurs in the United States, providing access to capital in early stages, mentorship support, and resources to build and grow their projects.

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Strategic alliances that drive business


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Our focus on strategic investments

As a leading company in the field of Innovation Outsourcing, we aim to make investments focused on helping our clients implement solutions that enable them to leap forward through technology efficiently and effectively.

Alongside the selected companies and entrepreneurs for investment, we aim to work together to combine business knowledge with the power of technology, people, and processes, with innovation and growth as our pillars.

Let's Work Together!

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