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With our acquisitions, we aim to expand the added value to our clients and enhance the strategic development of the company.

Our acquisitions allow us to continue on the path of growth, adding value and innovation in the projects we undertake with our clients.

Are you thinking about the continuity of your company, clients, and projects with the least possible loss of value and ensuring the job success of your collaborators?

Acquisitions: Our Proposal

Every due diligence we perform is carried out with deep respect for the entrepreneurial team and the stories behind each company. In a clear, direct, and honest manner. Always looking for the well-being of the team and the continuity and potential of the business once the company is acquired.

Our acquisitions are the gateway to new opportunities for your team and your clients. By joining forces with companies that share our vision and business focus, we expand the impact and enhance the value.

Requirements to Evaluate a Company

All partners must want to sell and be decided to do so.

We evaluate companies up to 10 million USD in valuation, with a special focus on those whose valuation ranges between 1 million and 5 million USD.

We are interested in companies focused on Software services, aligned with our core business.

We are also interested in companies of implementation, support, and consulting in products like ERPs, CRMs, or niche applications that generate value in such services.

We do not evaluate companies whose focus is the exclusive sale of hardware.

We seriously consider only companies with a good reputation in the market, that do not exclusively dedicate to hardware, and that operate according to ethical norms and good practices.


We seek to grow our business ecosystem in the IT market, under the proposal of Innovation Outsourcing adding companies and projects to expand without losing our roots or values.


We make investments in acquired companies with disruptive solutions or that generate a real impact of digital transformation, aligned with our strategic business focus.


We scale internationally acquired companies, through our experience in landing, with our multi-country professionals and the presence in several countries of Latin America and the United States.


We add strategies specially elaborated for the acquired company, to boost and monitor the business, generating relevant information for agile and timely decision-making.

Let's Work Together!

Highlighted Acquisitions

IT Management

Acquisition of 100% of the share capital

IT Management is a company of Consulting in Information Technology, formed by a team of multidisciplinary professionals, with extensive experience in the IT sector and Business Processes.

Since 2002, they worked with the commitment to provide integral and suitable solutions for each project.

With the acquisition agreement, Epidata added a new area of knowledge to its offer, which is Testing and Quality in software with international certification of ISTQB® (International Software Testing Qualifications Board) to scale in new clients and services.


Acqhire – 100% acquisition of capital in Acquihire mode

Inaka is a mobile and web application development company. Founded by Chad DePue, former CTO of Snapchat and creator of various Erlang-based programming environments.

Experts in open source, Erlang, Elixir, Phoenix, Ruby, Java, AngularJS, ReactJS, Swift, HTML5, Riak, Redis, Elastic-Search, and MySQL for the North American market.

The acquisition strengthened the company’s mobile proposal in a more creative, agile, and software-oriented architecture.

With this acquisition, Epidata became the second Argentine Software company to acquire another company in the USA.


Acquisition of 100% of the share capital

ImparIT, a Uruguayan company of Full Stack Developers with a focus on the Customer Journey, innovated in the interaction between people and technology.

The acquisition of ImparIT sought to position us in Uruguay, adding capabilities in Mobile and UX. Thus, we managed to increase our team of professionals and clients in just 6 months.

This way, Epidata established itself in Uruguay, consolidating its local trajectory and footprint.


 Acquisition of 100% of the share capital in a buy-out mode

With over 25 years of experience in automation and IoT, C-net was a reference in industrial process automation.

A company with more than 40 professionals and projects delivered worldwide.

The acquisition was made to seize new opportunities and expand our presence in the region by adding development competencies in the industry.

OSI – Systems

Acquisition of 100% of the share capital

With three decades of experience in the Argentine market, OSI – Systems has been a leader in database management, Big Data, and Oracle training partner.

This acquisition was carried out to enrich our database offering and consolidate our presence in the region, especially with the addition of  MariaDB.

Our Focus on Acquisitions

We are a leading company in the area of Innovation Outsourcing. We seek to help our clients implement solutions that allow them to leap through technology efficiently and effectively, working together to combine business knowledge with the power of technology, people, and processes.

Innovation and growth are fundamental pillars of our business philosophy. Day by day, we seek to promote them through our business proposal. This includes focusing on strategic acquisitions and investments in like-minded companies, with innovative perspectives in the use of software to continue changing the world.

Let's Work Together!