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Epidata a Software Architecture Oriented Company that provides high performance software development solutions, announces the acquisition of the portfolio projects of Inaka, digital agency specialized in wearable, IoT, IoS and Android comprised of insightful, inquisitive and talented digital experts specialized in services solutions that requires performance, soft real time requisites and availability.

Why is this an important acquisition for Epidata?

With this acquisition, Epidata keep reinforcing its focus on Software Architecture and Digital Transformation and continues to expand its US footprint, adding amazing new customers to its portfolio.

Inaka is an amazing company, as at Epidata, you’ll find that wired blend between deep technical knowledge and customer orientation. Inaka is always deploying ideas like us, and what makes that company unique is its paths until here. Inaka was founded in 2008 by Chad DePue, current Director of Engineering at Snapchat and former CTO and Seed Investor at Whisper. In 2014 was acquired by Erlang Solutions, an enterprise with more than 20 years of experience building lightweight, fault tolerant systems for the likes of WhatsApp, T-Mobile, Bleacher Report, Machine Zone and EE. In that way, Inaka became creative, agile and software architecture oriented all along its way to here, now, it’s easy to see multiple synergies and similarities between both companies.

Adrián AnacletoCEO of Epidata

Inaka is an end-to-end mobile and web app development company fluent in proven technologies and super fast in exploring new tech. They launch quickly, with a codebase that scales and very often with their team being integrated with their client’s​ teams to design and deliver the best solution for their customer’s businesses and users.

Getting a bit more technical, when comes to developing apps, they are experts in Erlang, Elixir, Phoenix, Ruby, Java, AngularJS, ReactJS, Swift, HTML5, Riak, Redis, Elastic-Search, MySQL.

Erlang solutions develop and build trusted, fault-tolerant systems that can scale to billions of users. They free its partners from operational complexity so they can focus on their business growth. We have over 300 clients in our portfolio – from startups to Fortune 100 companies.

They’re a talented team of software experts, passionate about Erlang/OTP & Elixir, and with an unwavering belief in the open-source future. From a wide range of products, on-site/remote consulting, support and mobile development to architecture/code reviews and training – our technical know-how is the backbone to your business’s operations.

Erlang employs over 100 specialists working out of London, Stockholm, Krakow, Budapest, Berlin, San Francisco, Seattle and Buenos Aires and speaking 15 languages (excluding dialects).