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Having more than 25 years of experience in different industrial sectors, our solutions have automated productive processes and connected key systems to the cloud in real time.

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IoT Development and Key Systems in Real Time

We offer tailor-made solutions of software development for key systems requiring data analysis in real time.
Our knowledge enables us to offer our clients a swift solution and functions performance which would otherwise result in high economic and efficiency losses, as well as profitability reduction.

Embedded Development and Wearables Solutions

Our experience relate to embedded and wearables solutions development which link human being´s experience with technological devices that transform us in digital citizenship.
We provide high availability of services and soundness in our designs, where software architecture plays a key role.

RFID Tracking System

We provide solutions which involve radio frequency tags and event analysis in real time for large and complex systems. For instance, RollFinder © service – which focuses on paper roll tracking – is automatically managed from production, storing and its derivatives to its transformation into intermediate or finished products, identifying each item and location without human intervention.
Stock is kept in real time based on automatic registration of physical movements and scrap from production process is calculated. In order to reach these goals, a TAG RFID is placed into the center of paper rolls for them to be identified, and this technology is coupled with a positioning system in real time. Such solution also includes administrative management systems. This enables access to complex information which would not be obtained otherwise.

IoT Solutions Development

We have our own IoT development platform which enables us to rapidly and efficiently develop IoT solutions for smart cities, fintech, house control and health.
Technology age improves really very quickly and we are facing the fourth revolution which is technology. It comprises a transformation that focuses on quick solutions that make technological processes instant and solve, in turn, people and companies lives. We offer our skills and knowledge to render an innovative service in terms of Intelligence and Technology (IoT).


Microsoft enables digital transformation for the smart cloud age and an intelligent advantage.

Automate is a powerful Robotic Process Automation (RPA) solution with the flexibility to automate critical IT and Business processes for all types of companies.

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