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Sparx Systems is specialized in high performance tools for visual modelling focused on planning, design and building intensive software systems.

Sparx Systems is a leader provider of innovative solutions based on unified modelling language (UML) and its related specifications with clients ranging from the aerospace engineering and automotive industries to finance, defense, government, entertainment and telecommunications sectors. Sparx Systems, contributor of Object Management Group (OMG), is committed to increase development potential by modelling based on open standards.
Main users are located in the USA, Canada, UK, Spain, Germany, Japan, Scandinavia, France, Netherlands and other countries from Western Europe, and the company has a solid support in Australia, Brazil, Mexico, New Zealand, Korea, South Africa, Argentina and Chile, among other countries.

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Enterprise Architect

A graphic tool for multiple users designed to help teams build solid and easy-to-maintain systems.

Pro Cloud Server

Opens your entire enterprise to your modeling efforts, enabling stakeholders to have secure access for discussion and review.

MDG Extensions

Model Driven Generation (MDG) allows users to extend Enterprise Architect´s modeling capabilities to specific domains and notations.


Clients Worldwide

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