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Your DevOps development platform

We have DevOps specialists who can manage client projects with fast, efficient, and innovative iterations through GitLab. Learn how we rely on this solution to manage the application lifecycle, covering everything from planning and tracking to integration and continuous delivery.

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GitLab Migration

Minimize transition time

Our migration services will accelerate your transition, so you can focus on your business.

With our support, you can minimize transition time with controlled migrations from different tools to GitLab, always at optimal times.

Your data is valuable and it is essential that it is available for immediate continuity. Therefore, we guarantee solid migrations.

Transforming Business to GitLab

With GitLab, we ensure a successful deployment of the service with high-quality standards, to bring innovation to your company.

We accompany you in the transformation of your business by adopting new tools and optimizing your corporate processes.

GitLab Agile Coaching & Training

We offer tailored training services in various languages, backed by our certified and accredited team.

We also provide coaching and training for your teams to increase productivity and optimize work time.

GitLab Full Assessment

We can provide various evaluation and analysis services, generating a diagnosis that will help you improve practices, optimize results, and save time.

GitLab Licensing

We perform a thorough analysis and recommendation of different licenses, based on each client’s needs.

The GitLab Professional Service Partner (PSP) certification enables us to provide certified services. Thanks to this, we continue to position ourselves as strategic partners while developing Innovation Outsourcing solutions within the framework of agile software developments.

We are part of the exclusive Select Partner group of GitLab worldwide, and we have distinguished ourselves by developing practices based on innovation. By investing in the continuous improvement of our services, we have become GitLab’s main partner in Latin America.

Benefits of the best innovation and
agile development tool

More productivity

  • Effective collaboration.
  • Visibility to all project members.
  • Agile process, with quick and easy reviews and mergers.
  • Advanced permission management.
  • Advanced mechanisms to explore and share interesting projects.

Security and controls

  • Git Hooks.
  • Advanced LDAP Integration:
    • Group Sync.
    • Multiple domains.
    • 2FA
    • Audit Logs

Premium Support

  • 24×7 Support.
  • Installation and configuration assistance.
  • Dedicated specialist service.
  • Assistance in updates.
  • High availability.

Added value with GitLab

Better integration with the tools you are already using.
New unique monthly features for Enterprise versions.
More precise workflow management.
Additional administration options.
Extended integration mechanisms for authentication and authorization.
Technical support 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

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We innovate with new frameworks and work philosophies that achieve better application development in less time and at a lower cost.

Innovation tells its own stories

We invite you to learn about ICBC’s case, where we developed a GitLab Enterprise Architecture consultancy.

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Keep innovation close

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