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How We Innovated at

Efectivo Sí

We invite you to learn about the case of Efectivo Sí, where by improving digital channels, we increased the number of end customers.

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Efectivo Sí


Digital Branch


Improvement of Digital Channels

Who is Efectivo Sí and what did they need?

Efectivo Sí is a leading non-bank financial institution in the granting of personal loans in Argentina. It has a strong development in the businesses of credit and debit cards, insurance and microinsurance, savings accounts, and time deposits. For a long time, they thought about how to give an innovative twist to their service offer from the digital transformation.

Epidata's solution: Digital Branch

The purpose of the proposed solution is that the final customers of Efectivo Sí have all the tools they would have in a branch office.

Through the mobile app, users will be able to request, among other things, loan applications, administration of personal data, details of collections from the National Social Security Administration (ANSES) of Argentina, credit card transactions, etc. All this works for both Android and iOS.

Before and After Epidata

Before Epidata’s intervention, the clients of Efectivo Sí only had a website, so they decided to start a digital innovation: a whole architecture that would adapt the website to a mobile application.

Constant Iteration

The innovation with Efectivo Sí continues; during this time, they have decided to transform their website into a payment gateway capable of integrating with different businesses and including Efectivo Sí among the payment options. After verifying the technical data, the user is redirected to a site where it is currently in process.

The Result: Improvement of digital channels

As potential benefits, by improving the digital channels, the work done will increase the number of audiences reached, which will result in an increase in end customers and will allow more people to discover how Efectivo Sí’s products can positively impact on their lives.

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