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Digital Care

Being focused on innovation in the health industry, we closed the business circle by integrating service elements and timely efficiency with high quality, both for partners and patients.

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Data Care

Health solutions portfolio. Integral Hospital Management and medical records. This allows physicians to load and follow-up medical records of patients, both outpatients and hospitalized.

Consultation and Knowledge management

Educational platform on inflammation diseases cases (3 experts answering questions, 1 messages supervisor, registered physician with certification, common student not registered)

Business intelligence for medical centers

Design and construction of Datawarehouse and Data Marts, development and planning of ETL processes, cubes development, reports creation, and implementation of BI platform, focused on efficiently managed medical centers as to patients service and expenses control.
Schedullisian mobile application that eases on-call hospital management and medical centers.
A backoffice operator loads on-call appointed schedules in the calendar of each professional.
Backoffice is a Web application with FrontEnd in Angular and Backend in Java. Based on this Backoffice app, the Supervisor of on-call physicians can see the calendar of scheduled appointments to know which professional is on-call at a particular time.

Audit on pharmacological consumption

It operates based on the consumption of beneficiaries from a determined health plan, detecting fraud, expenses distribution, relationships between diagnosis and consumption, drugs interaction.


  • Our Product Portfolio Includes Management Software: medical records, integral hospital management system, and audit and pharmacological consumption software.
  • The most important companies of the health industry worldwide are Epidata clients.
  • We introduced innovation to the health market.
  • More than 10-Year Experience


Allow digital transformation for an era of cloud intelligence and an intelligent advantage.

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