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Greater agility and robustness in your systems through our APIs

At Epidata, we enhance the virtues of Kong for your business. Through a multi-cloud API platform, the fastest in the world with a low footprint among other qualities, we will assist you in creating connected, scalable, and secure applications with innovation and value generation.

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Driving constant API innovation

We use Kong to promote added value for our clients, resulting in various benefits.


Thanks to our support in Kong, you will gain great flexibility in your daily use. By utilizing this tool for API management, your company can adapt to the specific needs of each client, as we can configure and customize it accordingly.

This means that you will be able to offer specific solutions to each client, enabling them to achieve their business objectives more efficiently.

Time and resource savings

With our implementation in Kong, we will focus on increasing your productivity. As a result, your company will be able to manage multiple APIs and microservices in a centralized manner, eliminating the need to spend time and resources on managing each API individually.

This allows your company to focus on more important and strategic tasks, rather than operational tasks.

Greater scalability

Our API management solutions with Kong are designed to scale effectively. Thus, we can handle large volumes of traffic without sacrificing performance, enabling our clients to grow without restrictions.

Team Innovation with a Leader

At Epidata, we constantly seek innovative proposals, which is why we form alliances with market leaders who empower us. It is a pride to have Kong as an ally, which has appeared for the third consecutive year in Gartner’s Magic Quadrant, thanks to its comprehensive API lifecycle management capabilities.



Optimize IT management times

Traffic control

Manage, accelerate, and restrict incoming and outgoing API traffic.


Visualize, inspect, and monitor APIs and microservice traffic.


Transform requests and responses on the fly.


Stream request and response data to logging solutions.


Invoke serverless functions through API.

Unleash your company's productivity

With our experience and support in Kong, your APIs will be easier to build, operate, and reuse. Take advantage of your organization’s potential with the support we provide in managing and implementing the world’s fastest API platform.

Grow faster and scale reliably with Epidata and Kong

Modular architecture

By using Kong, you can take advantage of a modular architecture that allows users to customize and extend its functionalities according to their needs.


Kong has a large community of users and developers who share knowledge, experiences, and solutions through online forums and discussion groups.

Open source

In this sense, Kong is an open-source platform, which means its source code is available for modification and improvement by the developer community.

Authentication and authorization

Kong offers different methods of authentication and authorization, including OAuth 2.0, JWT, and Basic Auth, allowing users to protect their APIs from unauthorized access.

Analytics and monitoring

This tool provides analytics and monitoring resources that enable users to visualize the performance and activity of their APIs, helping them make informed decisions about the maintenance and optimization of their systems.


Furthermore, Kong easily integrates and complements with over 400 cloud tools and services, such as Kubernetes, AWS, Azure, and Google Cloud Platform, enabling users to efficiently deploy, manage, and scale their APIs.


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Keep Innovation Close

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