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We guarantee the most important asset of a company: “information.” We help companies achieve their security goals, minimizing risks on business operation. In addition, Epidata certified ISO 27001, in order to guarantee the confidentiality and integrity of data and information.

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Cloud Security

Cloud security services range from risks assessments and regulatory compliance to technical issues in terms of hardening and deployment of specific controls, both for specific projects and as part of the cloud corporate strategy, aiming at assuring a safe transition.

Security Governance

Assessment and assistance in terms of design and implementation of processes, controls and the strategic plan of corporate information security governance, complying with risks management plans, rules and specific standards.

Security Compliance

Compliance services comprise diagnosis, GAP Analysis, management or control systems implementation, as well as audit simulation (pre-audit) before a certification audit, aiming at complying with International Rules and Regulations, and local Banking Laws and Communications of each particular country.


Our DevSecOps services aims at satisfying innovation and flexibility needs currently required by methodologies such as DevOps and Lean Start UP. Therefore, we join security practices with agile and DevOps practices by means of experience and integration of security continuous testing tools.

Technical Security Advisory

The Service includes assessment, consulting and technical management of security tools under their technological environments aiming at identifying the real status of applications, supporting platforms, networks and security controls already implemented.

Secure SDLC

Our services comprise all steps of security during development and the whole life cycle so that software security starts from the design phase and you pay just only once for your software.
We conduct analysis and provide consulting for security design in terms of software architecture.


Services + Technology

We provide complete security services and solutions related to technological systems and infrastructures, aiming at satisfying our clients´ needs.

Qualified Professionals

We have an outstanding quality of the solutions offered based on an ethics position and customized services, and complying with our clients´ needs.

Collaborative Work

Our team of certified specialists work together with all IT staff of your company so as to comply with the standards set by such company.



We offer Protection in the most efficient way.

Our team is specialized in assisting companies which are under the process of assuring their business.

Continuous Tracking

We assist our clients in the different steps of a project of this kind.

Certification 27001

Epidata certified ISO 27001 standard, in order to guarantee the confidentiality and integrity of data and information.


Allow digital transformation for an era of cloud intelligence and an intelligent advantage.

MuleSoft is the most used integration platform related to SaaS companies’ applications.

Advanced Business Partner para productos Red Hat y JBoss

Fastest-growing Open Source database company.

SonarSource provides World-Class solutions for continuous code quality.

GitLab is an Open Core software development company for the life cycle of software development.

Specialists on scalable visual modeling tools and high-performance planning, design and Software-intensive Systems development.

Powering all APIs and microservices for today’s leading innovators.

Keep Innovation Close

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