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Epidata, company specialized in architecture and software development services, presented its new “Job Placement Plan”, aimed to facilitate an entry to market for engineering students and young professionals with little or no experience, through training in programming in a corporate context.

The plan consists of a theoretical and practical training delivered by professionals with teaching and training experience in the industry, oriented to provide participants with programming experience and learn the latest technologies being used in real projects. Training takes place at Epidata’s offices, thus allowing them to know the corporate world and share the work environment of the company.

Participants are students in the last years of their career, who would like to enter the labor market and young professionals who are moving through the first stage in their careers. After an interview process, Epidata’s Human Capital team selects the group that will participate, with the premise of forming an homogeneous team regarding their technical knowledge.

Upon completion, those who have excelled in their performance and have shown more affinity with Epidata’s values, have the chance to become part of the company.

We are implementing this initiative since last year and the first experiences were very encouraging; professionals responded with great willingness and interest. They stressed that they felt very comfortable within the work environment and could make the most of practices, due to the program mode.

Ana Paula Lo Turco Responsible for Human Capital in Epidata.

The content and dynamics of the course are designed so that all participants take real contact with technologies, platforms and tools, and then enjoy an experience that will materialize in their first jobs.

Since the beginning of Epidata, time, resources and efforts are invested to promote and facilitate job placement. Up to now, we had done it by visiting universities, but we wanted to change roles and bring professionals here, to live a real experience in a work environment.

Ana Paula Lo TurcoResponsible for Human Capital in Epidata

As a result of the initiative, there are six people working on ongoing projects of the company, and there is no doubt that everyone will capitalize on what they learned and experienced in their future work experiences.

This plan is part of the Epidata’s Academic Cooperation Plan, which aims to promote closer relations between the academic community and the professional field, promoting the value of sharing knowledge and bringing students to professional field.

Through this program, Epidata is driving activities with R & D (Research and Development) and knowledge exchange, together with universities and learning environments of the country, in order to shorten the gap between academy and industry.