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Given the crisis caused by the COVID-19 pandemic, Adrian Anacleto, CEO of Epidata, estimates that a period of mergers between companies in the SSI industry is coming.


The software and IT services industry (SSI) is forecasting a fall in global technology investment by 2020, which in some cases is showing negative values, according to IDC data.

However, the sector is expected to be one of the least affected and will remain an important generator of employment. In Argentina, the need for professionals in the sector will continue to be constant, with about 5,000 professionals a year. “In the midst of the pandemic, we have incorporated 60 new professionals and we still have another 60 vacancies open, only in Argentina,” explained Anacleto.

At Epidata, during 2019 we increased our revenues by 68.5 percent compared to 2018 and in the first quarter of this year we had a 53 percent growth in revenues compared to Q1 2019.

We had very good results during the first quarter of 2020, with new clients and projects focused on innovation and software development

Despite the fact that all Latin American currencies suffered devaluations, the IT sector continued to grow, more so if we consider employment as a variable to measure market evolution.

Adrián AnacletoCEO of Epidata

Currently, 30% of Epidata’s revenue comes from US-based clients such as Salesforce, Stanford Research Institute (SRI) and J.P.Morgan, while Latin America accounts for 70% of turnover, of which Argentina has generated 55%.

In August 2019, we opened new offices in Colombia and Peru along with the acquisition of the Uruguayan company ImparIT, a Full Stack Developers company with expertise in mobile applications, cloud solutions. Since then, the operation in Uruguay has multiplied our staff and number of customers.

These operations are complemented by the existing Delivery Centers and commercial offices in the United States, Chile and Argentina from where Epidata provides digital transformation services, providing solutions that innovate businesses and products, optimize operations, train staff and attract customers.