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Two collaboration projects were presented between the Academy and Industry from May 1st to the 5th at JAIIO 2014 in Universidad de Palermo. Both projects were carried out together with different research groups from UBA’s University of Exact and Natural Sciences.

The first one: “Up-scaling Mate Marote: an university-industry interaction experience” is the development of a platform which, by the implementation of advanced neuroscience techniques, facilitates the cognitive development by solving games.

The second one: “Inference Architectures Project” is about the development of a set of techniques, some of them innovative, that allow to detect and infer relevant aspects of the software architecture of productive applications.

We consider that we have a unique opportunity in Argentina because we have excellent universities and one of the most mature Software Industries in Latin America. Consequently, we believe it is a obligation for all the parties to promote an innovative ecosystem by Academy-Industry cooperation. Thus, we bring to our daily work real innovation developed by researchers, we add value to the services and ultimately renew Industry. These jobs are a very small contribution in promoting this growth and, in turn, two very good reasons to be proud.

Adrián AnacletoCeo of Epidata

The respective abstracts and links to download articles are the following:

Up-scaling Mate Marote: an university-industry interaction experience

Diego Fernández Slezak (FCEN-UBA y CONICET), Andrea P. Goldin (FCEN-UBA, CONICET, UTDT), Matías López-Rosenfeld (FCEN-UBA), Mariano Sigman (FCEN-UBA, CONICET, UTDT), Patricia Forradellas (Fundación Sadosky), Adrián Anacleto (Epidata), Martín Coronado (Epidata).

Argentina is experiencing a unique opportunity in which a large number of students of middle and high schools have their own laptop, given by the institutional programs such as “Conectar Igualdad” and Joaquin V. Gonzales (La Rioja). The fact that students and teachers have their own personal computers and therefore the educational tasks to be represented in the same digital environment allows innovative educational applications and large scale interventions.

Mate Marote is a flexible framework consisting of educational games and activities, combining mass access to computers and educational neuroscience. These tools has been specially designed to perform interventions, which measures the improvement of the users while using the activities.

I+D+i experiences in advanced products for software analysis

Valerio Anacleto (Epidata), Víctor Braberman (FCEN-UBA and CONICET), Juan Echagüe (Pragma Consultores), Guillermo Filia (Pragma Consultores), Diego Garbervetsky (FCEN-UBA and CONICET), Maximiliano Gómez (Pragma Consultores), Sebastián Uchitel (FCEN-UBA and CONICET).

Abstract: The resources, endpoints, service consumers and presentation layers are contact points between applications and/or humans. Many applications problems could be explained in terms of how the activity takes place and / or links between these points of the application. For example, many cases of misuse of resources (represented by architectural points) of an application that impacts costs and quality degradation of services provided by the infrastructure.

There are no tools to assist the understanding of the activity carried out on the application or linking these points. In many cases, the flow control develops from source point reacting to external stimuli to the sink points. The level of abstraction inspired by architectural views of components and added to the control flow between these connectors can be appropriate to provide this information to an expert.


Since 1961 the JAIIOs, Argentine Conferences on Informatics are carried out and organized by SADIO, where published papers in parallel sessions are presented, research results and activities on different topics are discussed, also developing conferences and meetings attended by Argentine and foreign professionals.

The JAIIOs are organized as a set of separate symposia, each dedicated to a specific topic, one or two days long, so as to enable the interaction of its participants.

About Epidata

Epidata is the first company specialized in providing Software Architecture services in Latin America. With offices in Argentina, Chile and USA, it provides software development solutions, evolutionary maintenance, Software Architecture, Performance Assurance and Training on Software Engineering and new technologies. Epidata has customers in over 30 countries to whom it provides services since 2003. They include: Stanford University, Turner, Red Link, Visa, Osde, Red Hat, Telecom, Galeno and Walmart.