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Through its Academic Cooperation Programme, the company encourages free training activities together with universities and houses of study in the country, to shorten the existing gap between academy and industry.

Epidata, company specialized in Software Development and Architecture services, assures its commitment to the community through its Academic Cooperation Programme. Promoted by the Department of Social Responsibility, it aims to promote the Academy- Industry approach, strengthening the link between the academic community and the professional world.
Since its inception, Epidata has promoted collaborative initiatives and relationships with universities, to promote the value of sharing knowledge. This translates into agreements of academic cooperation, training activities – lectures, workshops, seminars – thesis direction, research and development in collaboration with the different houses of study.

In its eight years of existence, the company has maintained active links with the following institutions: Universidad de Buenos Aires (FIUBA and FCEN), Universidad Nacional del Sur (UNS), Universidad Nacional de Quilmes (UNQUI), Universidad Técnica Nacional (UTN), Universidad de Palermo (UP) and Universidad de la Matanza (UnLaM).

Among its agreements, it counts with a framework of mutual cooperation with Facultad de Ciencias Fisicomatemáticas e Ingeniería de la Universidad Católica Argentina, in order to conduct research and consulting work together, collaborate on postgraduate activities and organize training activities for the community.

The agreement the company has with Universidad Nacional del Centro de la Provincia de Buenos Aires (UNICEN) is similar. Epidata has also collaborated in research with Carnegie Mellon University, one of the most prestigious research centers in the United States.

The university community plays a central role in all activities developed in Epidata.
Not only we collaborate to shorten the gap between the academic and business world, but we firmly believe that the synergy of working together in these areas, opens roads of innovation on which both parties benefit.

Adrián AnacletoFounder at Epidata

Anacleto is a Graduate in Computer Sciences by FeCEN (UBA) where he has taught for several years, and is current Professor of the Specialization in Software Engineering (CEIS) in UCA.

Also, Epidata has a public knowledge base, Wiki Epidata ( In this space, through photos, articles, news and the wiki itself, information is shared on a daily basis that crosses the borders of the company, generating knowledge effectively.
Work teams are internally promoted to destine their time in spreading knowledge about what has been learned in projects as well as new researched technologies; it’s also valuable to answer questions that visitors leave in the forums.

The programme of Academic Cooperation and Knowledge Release was expanded in recent years and continues to grow steadily. In the last six months, Epidata has fulfilled six open and free talks aimed at students and young professionals in the IT sector and participated at three job fairs.

In October, Epidata Organized the “Modelling and Performance Risks Identification”, in Universidad de Palermo (UP) and also presented the talk “JavaEE 5 applications development with JBoss products”at UnLaM, for more than 100 attendees; the activity was subsequently repeated in UTN.

At the end of the year, the company expects to have collaborated with 10 universities and educational institutions, and plans to implement a program that achieves the employment of at least three young men of Buenos Aires.
The goal is clear: to promote the value of sharing knowledge and bringing students to the professional level, thus helping them in their future employment.