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We invite you to attend the first meeting on Agile organizations: “Building Collaborative and Productive areas” which will be held on March, 15th, 9:00hs at University of Palermo. The activity is organized by the Latin American Community of Agile Methodologies and Argentina’s Human Resources Association and is backed up by Epidata Consulting, company specialized in software architecture.

“Agile organizations” will bring together Human Resources’ professionals and experts on agile methodologies, with the aim to share experiences and good practices, discuss and learn more about this methodologies and its application in organizations outside the world of technology.

An “Open Space” work scheme will be used, which is a format in which all participants have the chance to discuss and share practices and experiences around the topic that brings us together. It won’t be based on the presentation or exhibition of a referent of the subject.

Event Details

March, Tuesday 15th
9:00 to 13:00 hs
Universidad de Palermo (Mario Bravo 1050)
Free of charge event with limited capacity

Agile organizational design

Organizational design is a critical to success of any organization. Not only is it linked to business and markets in which each organization operates, but also to the characteristics of its members and the characteristics of the society to which it belongs.

There is no doubt that more and more organizations require flexible and dynamic designs; that’s the reason why it implies all HR professionals to understand the needs of these changes and its consequences.

Why meet?

Because we’ll be about 60 people wanting to share experiences and good practices and to learn more about this methodology.

Because your participation will be active under the Open Space format.

Because we want you to be part of this initiative: the activity is free of charge, in a suitable time and with breakfast included!

Because agile methodologies are powerful tools for change and we want more people to use them.

Agile Methodologies at Epidata

Epidata had active participation in the three editions, which represents a strong commitment to the promotion of agile methodologies in the region. Since its beginnings, they are used in development and consulting projects, as well as in functional areas, and provides services related to such methodologies.
The most important factor promoting its implementation lies in Epidata’s philosophy and culture, oriented to continuous learning, communication and innovation.