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Yesterday, Wednesday June 11, Epidata was pleased to receive the prestigious technologies developer Dan Harkabi, he was the leader of the team who invented the Pen Drive in 2000 (Disk on Key as the name given by its creators ).
Harkabi gave a lecture in which he spoke on the following topics:

Innovation: Dan Harkabi often said that he likes to talk about “we” not “I”.

Teamwork: In the second half of the 1990s, while the scientific community was investigating how to compress information on a CD (which led to the invention of the DVD) Harkabi’s team was searching for a way to transport information that could fit in a pocket, which it would be also simple to use and could carry more information than any other mobile device.

The conference was sponsored by Epidata and other companies which belong to the sector of software and IT services.

About Epidata

Epidata is a Software Architecture Oriented Company that provides high performance software development & maintenance solutions in less time with lower risk than Organizations can accomplish on their own. We have a 11 year proven track record of success supporting Multi-National Corporations like Turner International, HSBC, Verizon, Walmart, and others. We help them update and maintain their core applications as well as migrate to new technologies resulting in annual cost reductions of 20% while doubling Project Team productivity. We are Open Source and Agile by definition.

Brief Biography of Dan Harkabi

Dan Harkabi was born in Israel. Currently he is 50 years old and lives in Lachish, a small Israeli town known for its wine industry.
Nowadays he is the CEO of Picosmos, an Israeli Startup (emerging company supported in technology) which he is co-founder.
Dan Harkabi led the Israeli team also comprised by Dov Moran, Amir Ban and Oron Ogdan which completed the research and invented what in Argentina known as Pen-Drive product that it’s creators named “Disk on Key” or “Disco in the Chain “in spanish, as it allowed to store more information than a Compact (CD) Disco and fitted on a keychain.
This invention was patented in April 1999 and in September 2000 was released. The Pen Drive or Disk on Key is the most convenient way in which humanity carries information in quantity, until today.
After the invention of the Pen Drive, Harkabi founded MDRM (Mobile Digital Rights Managements) in 2002 and served as CEO until its acquisition in 2004 by SanDisk Corporation, a company focused on developing solutions for the secure distribution of content through Flash Memory Cards. SandDisk Secure Content Solutions continues promoting Booklocker flash drive, MDRM flagship product, along with other companies through the American educational system.
Before the invention that launched him to fame, Harkabi also served as president and CEO of Packet Technologies Ltd. (1999-2000); was regional manager for Europe Cimatron Ltd. (1995-1999), director of the Israeli branch of the company business intelligence IIT Ldt. (1992-1995) and was in charge of the online information system for international research ICTS in Herzlia, Israel (1991-1992).