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October, Thursday 20th “Modelling and Identification of Performance Risks”

Palermo University from 19.30 to 20.30 hs – Mario Bravo 1050 – Multipurpose Room – First Floor

The talk will present concepts and tools to early calculate the potential risks of an application which does not meet with your requirements for quality performance, and track the evolution of those risks during the life cycle of a software architecture.

The methodology based on models which will be discussed, includes the definition of an UML Profile for annotations on early estimations -perhaps diffuse- of the expected load on the system, the probability of not meeting the performance requirements and the level of negative impact that would produce in case a performance incident would materialize.

It is shown that, for non trivial architectures’ sizes, the information on weighted risk produced by this methodology is a powerful tool for decision- making and administration of project quality.

The tool that will be presented was developed as part of the Specialization Thesis in Software Engineering at the Universidad Catolica Argentina (UCA) of Eng. Ricardo Pérez, directed by Epidata’s Department of Research, Development and Innovation under a collaboration agreement between academy and industry.

Dr Rodrigo Castro
Rodrigo Castro is Doctor of Engineering at Universidad Nacional of Rosario and is responsible for Epidata’s Department of Research, Development and Innovation.

October, Monday 24th JavaEE 5 applications development with JBoss products.

Universidad Tecnologica Nacional (UTN) 19.00 to 21.00hs- Medrano 947 – Auditorium

The activity will aim to present the architecture of a JavaEE application and show some of the components, specifications and technologies that are commonly used in each layer.

Specifically, the talk will highlight specifications on JavaEE 5 and regarding implementations the focus will be placed on JBoss development products. The talk will be given by Adrian Paredes, Software Architect from Epidata.

The talk will be conceptual and introductory and it is intended for Java Developers and Programmers interested in this technology.

Eng. Adrián Paredes
Eng. Adrián Paredes is Engineer in Information Technology (FIUBA) and works as Software Architect and developer in Epidata.