Epidata, pioneer in Software Architecture in Latin America, participated in the Commercial Mission of the Software Sector and Informatics Services in Chile and Peru during the first week of June. The mission was organized within the framework of the Information Technology Sector Promoting Plan, developed by the Argentinean State Department.

In the first part of the mission, that took place on June 2nd and 3rd in Santiago  -Chile- the engineer Claudio Desalvo, Manager and representative of Epidata in the mission, participated of the rounds of negotiations with local companies, so as to continue with the commercial strategy that Epidata has been carrying out in that country for more than a year.

During that period, it has provided services on software architecture consulting, training and development services to local renowned clients such as Lan Chile, BCI Chile and VTR, among others.

Recently Epidata inaugurated its commercial offices in Santiago, Chile, which represents a key landmark for its expansion in the region. Following these two days of work in Santiago, Chile, the second part of the mission took place on June 5th and 6th in Lima, Peru, where the engineer Claudio Desalvo had a meeting with public and private local renowned organizations that were interested in the consulting services of software development. This mission represents Epidata’s opportunity to go on with its work and recognition within the region.