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Netiner was launched simultaneously in Argentina, Chile and Mexico, and was built entirely by Epidata, an argentinean company market leader in software architecture services.

Netiner (, the network of professional contacts in Latin America driven by the Human Resources international company VON DER HEIDE, is a 2.0 web tool with the specific functionalities of a professional network.

Netiner is the first network to offer a regional response to the relationship between professionals, who can also contact and interact directly with the companies. It is also a strategic tool for companies, who can manage recruitment campaigns information and track its contact networks in an fast and online way, for all their selection processes in Latin America. The application was entirely performed by Epidata, argentinean company market leader in software architecture services and specialist in the development of customized solutions, and is being constantly developed and updated.

Among the main benefits of the application, its performance, scalability and extensibility stand out, which allow for big volumes of data. Also, through a process of constant updates, Netiner development team adds features periodically to provide tools that value to the user experience, whether a person or company.

Given the customer’s growth projections, Epidata opted for a multi-tier architecture based on Java 5 technology, on a Red Hat-JBoss platform.  For the development of the application, several technologies were used, among which Java5, Spring, Maven, GWT, Hibernate, Junit, Log4J, jBPM, among others stand out. All of them from a cluster with full tolerance in its layers.

This is a great achievement, not only for the technological challenge it represented, but because it was through Netiner that we achieved the customer innovative ideas and turn them into an implementable and tangible reality, which is currently operational and available to everyone.

Joaquín HernándezManager of Epidata

Project Details

Development Process: Netiner was managed through agile methodologies, which allowed the project to follow a process of iterative and incremental development.

Technologies / products: The application is developed entirely in Java JEE, using Spring framework in a Red Hat-JBoss platform. It involved the use of new technologies such as GWT, Sprint and Liquibase and innovative management of Hibernate, jBPM, Maven and JBoss to get the highest possible performance and scalability in the use of each. Also used: JUnit, Log4J, Dozer, Liquibase, Maven.

Architecture:  Four-layer structure

Team: Eleven Java developers were assigned to the project, one DBA and one infrastructure manager. Part of the team had already participated in the creation and maintenance of the application, so it already had a deep knowledge of the customer and its needs.

Certified Quality: The project was implemented through Epidata’s development process, certified under ISO 9001:2000 standards.

Epidata Development Team: provided a custom solutions development service, focused on  valued solutions which answer to the customer’s needs, dedicated to understanding the projects complexity and committed with its goal.  Sought a differential model of exclusive service, differentiating us from the conventional software factory style.