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Epidata will be sponsoring  the most important Nearshore event. The premiere outsourcing conference focused on Latin America IT Services and BPO, will be held in San Francisco, California on May 11th-12th, 2016.

Epidata together with some companies that are part of the international platform of Argentina IT, will attend the Nexus 2016 conference, which fundamental concept revolves around “Reimagining the Americas”.

The conference has helped shine a brighter light on the intellectual capital of Latin America and the Caribbean and is now in its sixth year, bringing together senior technology and business investors seeking to enhance their enterprise teams through expansion and partnerships in the Nearshore region.


Shaping the Vision and Future of Nearshore IT

Silicon Valley and California are – now more than ever – leading the pursuit of new technology relationships in Latin America and the Caribbean. Instead of just sourcing projects to the region, client organizations are making partners an extension of their own internal teams. This new kind of relationship – built on high-caliber and savvy Nearshore professionals – is recreating the model of third-party technology services.


Epidata is part of an international platform formed by IT companies (Argentina IT). Argentina has highly qualified and creative human resources, proper infrastructure, competitive costs and prices, joint work between government, academia and the business sector, and legal framework that encourages the development of the sector.


For more information about the event,  log onto its website.

Check the agenda for the event here

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