Software mobile to manage offers and localization of points of interest in different spaces geographically referenced.

“Walk&Buy” is a product that enables access to different types of promotions available in real time by using GPS.
Promotions will be loaded by any company / entity identifying where they are offered.
User can search for promotions according to his/her interests, or proximity or by using a search engine with different filters.
User will also receive notifications in case there appear promotions that match his/her interests.



Mobile Application

• My Profile Management
• On-line promotions search, by category or map
• Reception of promotion notifications
• Geolocation of “Cerca Mio” promotions.
• Share in social networks.


• User management.
• Stores and branches management.
• Promotions load by location.
• Notifications set-up.
• Statistics.

Customized use by store

Each commercial store may have its mobile or backoffice application with its own logo and design to offer and inform promotions to its clients in the different branches.

Centralized management use

The application may be used by a store administrator of different categories to inform the promotions available in different branches and search for statistics.

Mobile Application


Promotions search

On-line promotions search, by category or map.

Promotions management

See details of the promotions, share and locate them in the map.


It enables to see all “NEAR ME” promotions

Personalized notifications

Users of the application receive notifications in their phones related to existing promotions.



Registration of the company / entity

Positioning information and other data that is relevant for each company / entity will be shown. Promotion sites may be optionally informed.


When a promotion is added, configuration of how the user is to receive notifications takes place. For instance, it will show branches, dates and time of the promotion and the period in which it will remain active.

Adding Promotions

This enables each company / entity offering several types of goods and/or services to use the Web application to create and manage its different types of promotions. Promotions may be divided by targets considering age and gender, among other factors, of the person involved.

Statistics of Interest

How many people received the promotion and who asked information to go to the site, how may took down notes, how many recommended the promotion and the segmentation of people who showed interest.

Personalized notifications

Push notifications

  • Avoid promotions to users with personalized notifications.
  • More effective and targeted communication of promotions.


  • Process runs on a daily basis.
  • Back Office set-up.
  • Different type of notifications (Great Opportunity – Favorite Promotion – New Promotion – Promotion Expiry).
  • Different type of notifications (Great Opportunity – Favorite Promotion – New Promotion – Promotion Expiry).
  • New types of notifications.

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