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Appointment Scheduling Management System

You can join the virtual queue of any service you need from any place, with any electronic device and at any time, and you may either make such appointment TODAY or SCHEDULE your attendance. In addition, you may be able to find the most convenient service site and track the delay in real time up to the moment in which your turn approaches.

Virtual Schedule

This avoids to be personally faced with long lines; therefore, people attending their services sites do not have to personally wait for their appointments and keep social distancing, both of which result in an enhanced experience and use of resources.

Multiple Devices

Schedule your attendance at the most convenient service site at any time and from any place, and get the appropriate notifications by the means you choose.

Density Control

The system enables to set up the maximum quantity of people per square meter of each service site, which
results in a better people care and decreasing delays; making an effective use of time.


Your clients, employees and suppliers may use the system. Any platform, tool and personalized tools may integrate the system.

Appointment Management

Better planning

People using this application may schedule the date and time of an appointment depending on the availability of the agenda, timetables and other adjustable variables, which results in a decrease of non-appearances, a better distribution of people and an increased practicality.

Tailor-made plans


Subscription plan for organizations or companies under SaaS or On-Premises applications. It includes Premium support.


The application display may be customized including preferred brands and styles. Application functioning may also be set up with multiple parameters.


Contact us for perpetual and source code licensing if you are interested in these services.

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