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You can visit virtual markets and choose the product you need from any place, with any electronic device and at any time, adding it to your customized cart.
Supplier is enabled to track sales in real time and access reports.


Implementation of “Epidata e-commerce” consists in an e-Commerce Website and a Mobile App which enable to manage and market the whole range of products that our client (supplier) offers.


Client may be able to register, surf different sections of same, add agenda services and products to the cart and, once having finished the process, confirm the purchase by choosing payment and delivery methods.
Client may also be able to manage the whole purchase by the App.
The App works with geolocation, so the order is placed with the nearest stores.


Supplier will process the order of the client and update the orders status so that the client is enabled to track such order. Supplier will also be able to manage its products and prices, among others variables.


Manager will be able to self-manage the whole platform, keeping the information of all participating stores and having access to reports in real time. Different branches might be
considered stores.



Virtual Purchases

Avoid having to be personally faced with long lines, Social Distancing, Enhanced Experience, Enhanced Use of Resources.


Multiple Devices At any time and from any place, Integration of Facebook Login, Effective Notifications.


Customizable, Configurable, Capable of being integrated with any platform or tool.


Different suppliers use the same system, Just only one place for management and maintenance.

Tailor-made plans


Subscription plan for organizations or companies under SaaS or On-Premises applications. It includes Premium support.


The application display may be customized including preferred brands and styles. Application functioning may also be set up with multiple parameters.


Contact us for perpetual and source code licensing if you are interested in these services.

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