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Health solutions portfolio. Integral Hospital Management and medical records.

Modular solution for the registration of clinical information, health data management and communication between medical specialists and patients. Provides access to reliable data, alerts and clinical support systems for people health care.

Medical records service

Physical activity control of the patient

Easy access to this information that it is not frequently available.

  • Information regularly gathered.
  • Patient health condition is known.
  • Hospital App overcomes current exercise apps.

Remote patient control

  • Timely information.
  • It empowers patients in relation to their illnesses so that they comply with the treatment.

Hospital Service System


Patient digital, easy and rapid management during his/her stay in hospital. It may be a scheduled admission or one that derives from on-call emergencies.

Bed management

Epidata software enables visualizing the available beds of each room.


Price is given to the patient admission by means of an interphase with the finance system of the hospital which speeds-up and makes easier the collecting process. Easy access to the digital file which is created.


Quick & Efficient

During the admission process and in terms of the agreement between the Hospital and the healthcare security services, Epidata quickly and efficiently loads the information in a dataentry which gives flexibility to the process, thus reducing process time.

Easy management

Should admission origin need to be modified, this can be made easily.

Applied Technologies


Sanatorial Informix – My SQL


HC María DB



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