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Web Enabler Platform for banking and finance services companies.
Have your consolidated financial report available via WEB in 3 months.

Argentarii is a web enabler platform that provides availability of legacy or desktop services of banking and finance services companies.
It offers the possibility of facing challenges safely, enhances efficiency and performance, and minimizes operating risks and costs per transaction which have been traditionally high in such sector.
Argentarii has been designed to rapidly align technology to the business needs. High on-line transactionality based on SOA and Java standards, with maximum security standards and a guaranteed 3-month time-to-market.

Rich in functionalities

It provides most of the necessary functionalities required for any financial core: fixed-term deposit, credit risks analysis, and profiling, among others.

Management and parameterization board

Customizing, setting-up and management of parameters such as currencies, and languages, among others.


User block due to failed attempts and/or unusual situations. Avatar association and captcha use. Setting-up of second authentication factor.

Monitoring and Alerts

Infrastructure and built-in platform.

Services enabler

Backend WEB services enabler.

Transactional and audit log

Different kind of Audit, Monitoring and/or Security events may be logged in.


Service Oriented Architecture (SOA) minimizes operating costs, increases business profitability and enables banks to offer new WEB services in tistrongpo record.

Easy to modify

Having finished Argentarii implementation and integration skill transfer, adding a new functionality and performing evolutionary maintenance of the application is an easy task, with low cost and low risk.

High availability

It has been designed to work on a non-stop basis. It also enables horizontal and vertical scalability according to business growth (it removes the need of overestimation of hardware and batch processes windows).


It may be assembled with transactional back ends of any bank complying with industry standards.

Integrable system

With any bank core. Transparent connection capacity with any bank platform and different data resources.

Concept testing

You can get your consolidated financial report available via WEB in 3 months.

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