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Epidata achieved a growth of more than 27% so far in 2021, with a strong increase in its operations in Colombia. 

Epidata, the company specialized in Innovation Outsourcing and software development, announced its global business results so far in 2021, where it registers a growth of its revenue in dollars in the order of 27% compared to the same period of 2020. Currently, Epidata has more than 60 open searches with technology and business profiles for its offices in Buenos Aires, Cordoba, Mendoza, as well as Bogota, Lima, Santiago de Chile and San Francisco (California, USA).

In addition to its stamp and professionalism, Epidata’s growth is sustained by its internationalization strategy and the development of key partnerships with several major software companies such as Salesforce, Gitlab, HelpSystems and Microsoft, among others. Visionary companies with innovative technologies and products, according to the Gartner Magic Quadrant.

“Epidata shows very good business results so far in 2021. Based on a regional expansion strategy, we have a solid operation that plans to incorporate 60 new professionals in the coming months […] We believe in the use of technology to improve people’s lives; therefore, our focus is on each client and their experiences, co-creating innovative solutions and transforming their businesses” (Adrián Anacleto, CEO of Epidata).

In this context, the fastest-growing markets for Epidata have been those of the Andean region such as Colombia and Peru— and the United States —where organizations from different industries decided to advance in their transformation and technological reconversion projects together with us—.

Both RPA projects and those involving logistical capacity improvement or operational upgrading initiatives have had an important level of demand during the last time. It was here that Epidata contributed by creating solutions using our partners’ technology, for example, we implemented the Appointment Scheduling Management System (which, among other things, avoids unnecessary queues, systematizes processes, improves the quality of user support and provides performance and quality metrics) or the “Mapa de Aplicaciones” (a cloud accessible software, unique in the market-focused on integral information management of applications, software and business processes which creates a tailor-made visual mapping of applications for each company and a series of maps for the different type of users). 

Quoting its CEO:

“We know that for decision-makers in Latin America it is essential to work with technology companies that turn out to be true business partners, where certifications and support elements are fundamental. That is why we have invested and worked hard to become one of the few companies in the region that has achieved the double certification ISO 27001 —on Information Security— and ISO 9001 —on Management Quality—”. (Adrián Anacleto, CEO of Epidata).

In the coming months, Epidata will continue to expand its operations in the United States and Latin America, providing skilled employment opportunities, as well as innovative experiences for our customers.

About Epidata 

Epidata is a privately-owned company specialized in Innovation Outsourcing, with headquarters in Buenos Aires and ten offices distributed in Argentina, Chile, Colombia, Peru, Uruguay and San Francisco (California, USA). From there, it is dedicated to providing software development and design services, application modernization, IoT, machine learning, consulting and Big Data. Its business solutions optimize operations, create better experiences for employees and engage customers. Since 2003, it has had a track record of successfully supporting multinational corporations such as SRI International, JP Morgan, Tenaris, Turner, Telecom, HSBC, Monsanto, and Walmart. It has a series of strategic alliances with companies such as Microsoft, GitLab, Mulesoft, Salesforce, Oracle, CA Technologies, MariaDB, Red Hat, HelpSystems, and FCEyN – UBA (University of Buenos Aires) that allow them to offer digital solutions to their clients.

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