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Epidata and Roche join forces against diabetes

We invite you to learn about the case of Roche, where through a Web App, we helped thousands of people to improve their quality of life by controlling their diabetes.

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UX/UI + Web App


User-focused Redesign

The Starting Point: Where Roche Was

The story of Epidata and Roche began with the decision to assist people affected by a well-known universal disease: diabetes. This pathology, which affects more than 422 million people worldwide (WHO, 2021), led Roche to unite its mission – to improve people’s health and quality of life – with the meticulous technique of innovative professionals in software development: Epidataā€™s team.

Roche had decided to launch its Diabetes Care program, for which they designed a Web App that would allow both users and trainers of Accu-Chek Solo (a small and light device that is the first wireless insulin pump) to make use of different functionalities, such as making an appointment or making different consultations with the ultimate goal of achieving a rigorous follow-up of each user’s disease.

Epidata's Solution: UX/UI + Web App

To achieve its mission, Roche sought the assistance of Epidata, whose actions enabled them to realize:

Meetings with the client.
Elaboration of models.
General UI design.
Asset generation.

The Result: User-focused Redesign

To achieve a product design that is useful, usable, and desirable, which will have a positive impact on customer satisfaction.

The final result not only has the basic functions of an application (login, validation, registration, profile, among others) but also new integrated functionalities, such as:


Request for training shift according to patient demand and trainer availability.


Visualization and management of the trainer's agenda.


Post-training user treatment documentation upload.


Webchat integrated into the Contact Center.


Click to call directed to Contact Center phone number.

The day after, now the user will be able to:

Schedule its training sessions as well as monitor and analyze its progress.

Distribute appointments according to a parameter per patient or Zone + Medic + Sales Representative.

Include the invite option in the patient’s and trainer’s calendar.

Resolve any concerns quickly and efficiently.

View the list of assigned patients and check their agenda.

Allow trainers to upload documents for a particular patient.

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