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Our CEO, Adrián Anacleto, was interviewed by Revista Apertura, one of Argentina’s leading business publications, part of the Grupo El Cronista for all of Latin America, on the occasion of its 40th anniversary since its regular release into the market.

In this special edition, which brings together the country’s top business leaders, Adrián Anacleto talked about his life story, the origins of Epidata, and his vision for the future of the business, during a special time for our company due to its consolidation in Latin America after starting operations in Brazil.

In the interview conducted by Eugenia Iglesia, Anacleto highlighted that, despite the difficulties, he “was lucky” to come across key individuals along his journey who propelled him towards success. By studying Computer Science at the University of Buenos Aires, he became the first in his family to obtain a university degree.

Later, he co-founded Epidata in 2003 with two partners, initially focusing on software architecture development. Subsequently, our company began to consolidate by offering innovation outsourcing services in sectors such as telecommunications, banking, technology, retail, and healthcare. For example, with innovative projects ranging from designing the home banking system for the Link network to supporting the vaccination process in the City of Buenos Aires during the pandemic.

In the interview, Anacleto reflected on his experience as an entrepreneur, which led to having a company with over 500 employees, and his perspective on meritocracy. While recognizing the importance of individuals attaining positions based on merit, he also emphasized the need to “provide sincere opportunities for everyone,” beyond quotas or policies of positive discrimination.

“The knowledge industry is the most inclusive industry you can have. It allows young people to escape poverty: with a young person who gets their first job in systems, you can lift an entire family out of poverty. That’s an incredible force, and this industry has it.”

However, he also acknowledged the barriers and challenges in the software industry. He mentioned facing discrimination throughout his career and emphasized the importance of working towards inclusion and diversity within companies. Additionally, he revealed that Argentina has the potential to become an industrialized country through the software industry, but it requires appropriate policies and a strategic approach from the government to foster its growth.

Despite this situation, Anacleto underscored that Epidata has a strong regional presence but also exports services. He also revealed that the goal is to “transcend” by doing things that the company enjoys and that can transform people’s lives.

“I believe there is room for another large company in Latin America, and Epidata can be one of them. And today, clients see that as a great value.”

If you want to read the entire article to learn more about Epidata’s history and business vision, as told firsthand by Adrián Anacleto, click here.

About Epidata

Global privately-owned company specialized in innovation outsourcing, dedicated to providing software development and software design services, application modernization, RPA, machine learning and Big Data, among others. Its solutions transform businesses, optimizing operations and co-creating better digital experiences for customers and employees.

Epidata has alliances with leading innovation and knowledge companies such as Microsoft, GitLab, Mulesoft, Salesforce, Oracle, MariaDB, Red Hat, Datadog and UiPath. These partnerships help other companies to stay current.

Epidata operates in Argentina, Brazil, Chile, Colombia, Peru, Uruguay and the United States (San Francisco, California), where it has a track record of successful support to multinational corporations such as Stanford Research Institute International, JP Morgan, Tenaris, Turner, Telecom, HSBC, Monsanto, Walmart, Asana, among others.