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The partnership between Epidata and Microsoft aims to provide its customers with innovation solutions related to the future of work. Such as the optimization and automation of complex tasks (through cognitive solutions), the definition of tactics that allow reducing the working hours of engineers, and the management of open source projects (through hybrid or all-cloud strategies).

In a hyper-connected world, everything is in the cloud, where Epidata, together with Microsoft and its customers, co-innovates and co-creates solutions that transform businesses to be at the forefront of today’s world.

Within the framework of this alliance, technical webinars on Open Source in Azure are held periodically. During the last meeting, which was attended by professionals and customers, it was discussed how to create and develop mobile applications in the cloud with different languages and platforms of the open source environment, significantly reducing costs and ensuring that an application is always active (Azure has an SLA of 99.99% of the platform).

Following this, other benefits of joining open source were discussed, such as the ease of connecting the current infrastructure with the Azure cloud (which allows automating tasks that free up the workload and allow better control and maintenance). This frees up both the management of hardware services and application monitoring, enabling innovation and achieving faster deployments.

Azure is one of the four services offered by Epidata through its partnership with Microsoft, which also includes Modern workplace, Business applications, and CSP license subscription. These types of technological proposals are essential to leading the digital transformation of organizations today.

Find out how we work with Microsoft to bring innovation to every type of business:

About Epidata

Global privately-owned company specialized in innovation outsourcing, dedicated to providing software development and software design services, application modernization, RPA, machine learning and Big Data, among others. Its solutions transform businesses, optimizing operations and co-creating better digital experiences for customers and employees.

Epidata has alliances with leading innovation and knowledge companies such as Microsoft, GitLab, Mulesoft, Salesforce, Oracle, MariaDB, Red Hat and HelpSystems. These partnerships help other companies to stay current.

Epidata operates in Argentina, Chile, Colombia, Peru, Uruguay and the United States (San Francisco, California), where it has a track record of successful support to multinational corporations such as Stanford Research Institute International, JP Morgan, Tenaris, Turner, Telecom, HSBC, Monsanto, Walmart, Asana, among others.