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In a further display of their consolidation in the innovation outsourcing services, Epidata recently announced a new alliance with Invgate, with the goal of expanding and promoting this partner’s solutions in the region.

Buenos Aires, November 15, 2023 – Epidata, a leading company in innovation outsourcing and software development with a presence in Latin America and the USA, recently announced its new partnership with Invgate, a company dedicated to providing solutions for the modernization of IT services help desks, allowing their clients to have a comprehensive view of their business assets.

The new alliance was unveiled during a relaxed event at a Blend Experience, where both companies presented their proposal. Alongside strategic clients, they shared insights and concepts on IT Service Management today.

In this regard, Epidata has joined a portfolio of over 40 exclusive partners of Invgate worldwide. The company, focused on offering innovation outsourcing services, secured this agreement by demonstrating its extensive track record in implementing quality solutions for its clients, expanding the possibilities of using Invgate’s software.

Patricio López, Commercial Director at Epidata, commented: “While clients shared the experience of being winemakers for a moment, we discussed the potential of the alliance in service management and how to expand our network of contacts with industry professionals.”

As a colorful note, guests, along with sommelier Mariana Gil Juncal, tasted various wines and even had the opportunity to create their own wine blend by choosing the aromas and flavors they enjoyed the most.

With this collaboration, both companies aim to continue demonstrating why they are leaders in their respective fields, through the use of Invgate’s Service Management and IT Asset Management tools.

We invite you to learn more about the value proposition with Invgate.

About Epidata

Global privately-owned company specialized in innovation outsourcing, dedicated to providing software development and software design services, application modernization, RPA, machine learning and Big Data, among others. Its solutions transform businesses, optimizing operations and co-creating better digital experiences for customers and employees.

Epidata has alliances with leading innovation and knowledge companies such as Microsoft, GitLab, Mulesoft, Salesforce, Oracle, MariaDB, Red Hat, Datadog and UiPath. These partnerships help other companies to stay current.

Epidata operates in Argentina, Brazil, Chile, Colombia, Peru, Uruguay and the United States (San Francisco, California), where it has a track record of successful support to multinational corporations such as Stanford Research Institute International, JP Morgan, Tenaris, Turner, Telecom, HSBC, Monsanto, Walmart, Asana, among others.