Business Operation Manager

Strategical management of Epidata´s operations, work teams, resources management, growth,
expansion and Epidata sustainability in national operations and regional planning; carrying out
Core programs and projects that represent operational optimization (e.g.: alliances, training
sites, etc.) while managing and generating data and key indicators which provide a wide vision of
the business so as to support directors in plans designing and strategic actions which favor
efforts coordination and communication from different roles and areas.

Learn about us

Epidata is a private and multinational company devoted to solutions
development, with headquarters in Buenos Aires and around ten offices located in Argentina,
Chile, Colombia, Peru, Uruguay and San Francisco. We provide services of software development
and design, applications update, IoT, automatic learning, consulting services and Big Data. Its
business and products solutions optimize operations, create better experiences for employees
and catch the attention of clients. Its proven background shows a successful support to
multinational corporations such as Stanford Research Institute, JP Morgan, Tenaris, Turner,
HSBC, Monsanto and Walmart since 2003; and from the very beginning it has established several
strategic alliances with important companies such as Microsoft, Mulesoft, Oralce, IBM, CA
Technologies, MariaDB, Red Hat, HelpSystems, Odoo, Data Dog and FCEyN – UBA, which enables
them to offer digital solutions to their clients.
We are currently searching for a Business Operation Manager to be part of our work team.

  • Degree in Engineering or IT granted by universities (selective requirement). Strong focus
    on commercial activities (desirable). Advanced level of English. Post-graduate course in
    management or MBA.
    ● Experience of more than 5 years in similar jobs (e.g.: COO), team management, top
    management and company development. Knowledge and experience related to the
    software development industry with a wide vision of the business.
Learn about our benefits
  • Top-rated private health company
  • Technical Trainings
  • In Company English lessons
  • Available certifications with our Partners and potential certifications according to internal
  • Career planning
  • Referral Program
  • Discounts on IT Education courses, Digital House and well-known Argentine Universities
  • Epidata Enjoy CuponstarHR Program.

Business Operation Manager

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