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The software industry is the only opportunity Argentina has today to be an industrialized country and grow.

Adrián AnacletoCEO of Epidata

Anacleto, who heads this firm headquartered in Buenos Aires and with a dozen offices distributed in Argentina, Chile, Colombia, Peru, Uruguay and San Francisco, United States, explained that he does not believe “at all that the government wants to destroy Argentina’s only chance of being an industrialized country”.

Although he acknowledged that “the way in which the announcement occurred was not the most auspicious”, through a surprising resolution, he said he understood that “there is a will to improve what already existed and not to affect the small and medium companies and the software industry”. “We hope that, from this, something better will be generated. If the opposite happens, it would be a bad thing for the industry and for Argentineans,” he warned.

“The software industry, as well as the knowledge industry, is the only opportunity Argentina has today to be an industrialized country and to grow. To achieve this, we need to guarantee the conditions and stability in the long term”, he said.

Regarding the suspended law, he explained that “it is self-financing, not a subsidy. To receive its benefits, companies have to export, invest in R&D and certify quality. With the tax that we generate, software companies pay any other benefit they are giving us”.

In addition, “we have- he said- “the ability to set up offices anywhere in the country where there is a good Internet connection. This way, we can transform the economy of a place, quickly and without the need to make big investments in infrastructure”.

Anacleto said that “talent has no entry/exit barriers. A person can work for Amazon from Lago Puelo (Chubut) and be paid in dollars to an account in Madagascar.

“Similarly, talent-based companies have no barriers to entry and exit, and countries that are bidding to industrialize through software want to capture those talents with more and better benefits. In that sense, many countries exhibit and have the Argentinean entrepreneurs for the mobility of talent. They want the wealth we generate, which includes employment, industrialization, diversity, equity and social mobility in very short periods,” he concluded.