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SonarSource provides World-Class solutions for continuous code quality.

Its Open Source and commercial products (SonarLint, SonarCloud, SonarQube) help developers and organizations of any size to manage code quality and security and, ultimately, to provide a better software.
SonarSource solutions support developments in more than 25 programming languages such as Java, C #, JavaScript, TypeScript, C / C ++ and COBOL, among others.

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SonarSource products are the most chosen and reliable solutions in the market.

Software developers are the ultimate individuals in charge of code quality.

Code quality is part of the so called non-functional requirements and, as such, developers are responsible for it. Since code quality is not to be postponed to a further phase, our solution offers information in each development process step, from IDE to launching and including intermediate promotions.

This enables developers to take early and informed decisions on code quality, resulting in a better job and, thus, better software.

DevOps teams must be sure that the software was properly created.

DevOps teams have many responsibilities: for instance, the development process, test automation, quality assurance, productivity increase and, ultimately, continuous implementation. A good code quality is a necessary condition, not sufficient though, in order to achieve these goals. Our solution provides a quality gate that may be incorporated to any step of construction / test / implementation.

This enables devOps team to automatically apply a set of quality criteria resulting in better software for the organizations to offer.

SonarSource solutions reduce risk and improve equipment productivity.

Managers must be able to safely use the software at a cost that accounts for return on investment. At a glance, managers can consider the operative risks that they are faced with, as well as their mitigation costs. The solution includes features that will systematically improve maintenance capacity and, therefore, long-term productivity of the equipment under development.
This enables managers to assure better software, by means of a risk-controlled approach at the best cost.


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