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The clean code solution for minimizing operational risk

As official Sonar partners, we can provide you with high standards of security and source code quality, so that your development team can only focus its talent on the creation and innovation of functions that make a difference in the market. Learn how we can generate added value in your company with this tool.

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Our differentials: discover how we guarantee the quality of the developments with Sonar

Less risk and more productivity

We help executives visualize the operational risks they face, as well as the costs of mitigating them. In addition, we systematically improve maintainability and thereby improve the productivity of development teams.

In this way, executives ensure that their organizations deliver better software.

Towards software built right

Our DevOps team provides the necessary mechanisms for automatic validation of the source code, which can be integrated with the main CI/CD tools.

In this way, we automatically apply a set of criteria to ensure that organizations deliver better software.

Ensure code quality

Our solution provides insight into every step of the development process. From the IDE to release and production, including the stages in between.

This allows developers to make early decisions that ensure code quality, leading to better software. Software developers are ultimately responsible for code quality.

The complete Sonar Suite achieves better software quality by managing the quality and security of your code.

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Benefits of future problem-free development

Continuous inspection of code quality and security (SAST)

Developers need only focus on new or modified code. Set security and quality standards and only commit code that meets or exceeds them.

It also allows static source code analysis to be performed automatically while looking for patterns with errors, bad practices, or incidents. Finally, it performs a technical debt calculation.

Learn how our Sonar solutions will generate added value in your company

Project Security starts in the code. SonarQube helps you to have it, Epidata to implement it.

30+ languages, frameworks & IaC platforms

Analyze the quality of all the languages in your projects. Patch bugs, close vulnerabilities and follow best practices with a single source of truth.

integration with DevOps platforms

Project onboarding and PR decoration in GitHub, GitLab, Azure, Bitbucket; in-cloud & on-prem. Plus a Jenkins plugin and easy integration.

clear go/no-go quality gate

Fail pipelines when the quality of code doesn’t meet your defined requirements and prevent problems from being merged or deployed.

high operability

Run your instance your way, as a service, on Docker, or with Kubernetes with vertical and horizontal scaling support, plus multi-threaded.

super-fast analysis

Super-fast analysis helps you quickly assess where the code stands in pull requests and branches so you can remediate issues while your code is still fresh in mind.

critical security rules for vital languages

Receive actionable, high-precision feedback at the right place and time. Benefit from 5,000+ coding rules and industry-leading taint analysis.

shared, unified configurations

Align your team on a unified definition of code health. Collaborate efficiently with your team across projects to meet expectations set in your Quality Profile.

Sonarlint IDE integration

Extend SonarQube configurations and settings to your IDE for consistent, reliable analysis from the moment you start writing code.

Keep innovation close

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