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Government & Smart Cities

We create synergies between citizens and government entities through digital innovation, improving the infrastructure of cities.

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Citizen digital transformation


Digital Government Management

We work on the elimination of paper forms for the implementation of any procedure and the electronic storage of all the documentation associated with the citizen to migrate towards a 100% digital experience.

Citizen digital channels

We provide tools which promote new channels of citizen attention, increasing the level of services and access to information, with the goal of allowing citizens to make questions and complaints in real time.

Optimization of processes

We improve the internal processes of the teams to promote efficiency and agility in the presentation of the agreed products. Process improvement consists of mapping processes in order to detect improvement opportunities.

Technological solutions

Modernization of applications with the goal of reducing costs, obtaining greater agility and providing better citizen attention.

Technological innovation

We develop and implement new technologies known worldwide, applied to government management, adding our experience in the private sector.

Data access

We provide tools for the exchange and analysis of the data of the entities, to improve the provision of services.

We aim to the most advanced level of Smart City, involving government, companies and citizens in an intelligent digital ecosystem, designed and built on an infrastructure that promotes integration.

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Innovation Commitment

We work from Smartcities to improve the infrastructure of cities

It is of great importance for cities to have an integral vision that involves all their services in order to provide a better quality of life to its inhabitants and tourists. At Epidata we work to develop new systems and strengthen those that organizations have historically developed.

Our objective is, in addition to improving the attention of its citizens through access to information, digitization of procedures and collaborating with the paperlessness of the state, building bridges linking these systems with new Smart Cities solutions, generating data that allow improvements in different areas of cities that directly impact the quality of life in the city.

Our focus on citizen digital transformation

We work with models based on real Smart City data, which allow anticipating the impact that an action will have by analyzing reality data and presenting an early vision of the transformation of the city in order to improve the quality of life of its inhabitants and those who visit the city.

We use detection, monitoring and data analysis technologies to manage urban assets such as the wastewater network, routes and public transport, among others.

In 2021 we started a new project, where I was surprised by the predisposition to work as a team and the support in a challenge that seemed impossible. We finally achieved the goal, using state-of-the-art technologies and respecting an agile methodology that we maintain to this day, where we add the most priority developments sprint by sprint.

Pedro AlessandriDirector of Digital Citizenship in the Secretary of Innovation and Digital Transformation

Epidata gives us great commitment and responsibility. Also professionalism to adapt to the new challenges of the public administration; and always with answers in the advances that we need day by day of each project.

Sergio BalerdiManager in Operational Management of new developments

Working with Epidata has been an enriching experience, because it has a team of highly trained and committed professionals who are looking all the time to integrate the team, share knowledge and resolve without losing sight of quality.

Leandro GattiIT Director at Nation Services


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