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The company already had offices in Chile and the west coast of the United States, in addition to Buenos Aires.

To reach Montevideo, the company acquired ImparIT, which develops mobile, cloud and UX works, with clients such as Telectrónica, DDB Group, Corporación Vial del Uruguay and Abitab. The company’s founding partner, Cristian Binaghi, will continue to be in charge of operations in that country.

Beyond the acquisition in Uruguay, Adrian Anacleto, CEO of the company, told El Cronista that he is in the process of buying another one, which he cannot yet announce.

The executive said that the office in Colombia could have up to 15 employees before the end of the year, while the office in Peru could have up to five employees. In Argentina, he said, it has 300 employees.

Epidata revenues in 2018 reached u$s 12 million and for this year Anacleto projects u$s 15 million. 30% of the revenues comes from the United States, while the rest comes from other countries. “We are now starting to grow,” said the executive. The company’s goal is that in three years 30% of the total billing comes from the two new offices, while 40% comes from the United States and the rest from Argentina.

After the acquisition process, Epidata does not reject the possibility of joining a private equity fund in the next 18 months. “An ideal, diversified partner that is dedicated to doing this,” added Anacleto.

In Argentina, the company has 300 employees, distributed in its offices in Capital Federal, La Matanza, Mendoza and Córdoba. Within the next five years, the executive expects to have 3000 at the total level and within the next decade with 12,000.

The company has clients in more than 30 countries, including Stanford University, Turner, Red Link, Visa, Osde, Red Hat, Telecom, Galeno and Walmart.

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