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As a consequence of its expansion strategy, the technology and innovation company confirmed its growth in Latin America for the fourth consecutive year. Now, it is preparing its next steps at the global level.

Buenos Aires, December 31, 2022 – Epidata, a leading company in innovation outsourcing and software development, with a presence in Latin America and the USA; confirms its sustained growth in the region and projects a development plan that will allow it to be among the 10 most important software companies of Latin American capitals by the end of 2025. 

Out of all market indicators, and despite the fluctuations generated by global inflationary effects and/or post-pandemic impacts among others, Epidata manages to grow above average, doubling its turnover to US 21 MM in 2022. Additionally, for 2021, it doubled the number of professionals working with the company, reaching more than 500 epidaters, thus consolidating its position in the region.

Its strategic growth pillars are based on creating and implementing innovative projects in an agile and methodological way for its clients and the IT ecosystem in general. To do so, it leverages its knowledge practices: Big Data, AI, Mobile Development, Software Architecture, DevOps, Application Integration, Process Automation – RPA, and Smart Cities, among others, to develop value-added solutions. It also relies on world-class strategic alliances with partners such as Mulesoft (Salesforce), Microsoft, GitLab, UiPath, Red Hat, Asana, and Automation Anywhere, which allow it to be at the technological forefront.

“We are very proud to close a year where the challenges we have set ourselves were met thanks to the ability and dedication of each of the professionals that make up Epidata. We have focused our efforts on always being close to our customers, being the remote work key in the delivery, providing innovative visions at all times, and knowing that the results are a consequence of our capabilities,” said Adrian Anacleto, CEO, and Founder of Epidata.   

At the Services level, Epidata managed to strengthen its delivery capacity, adding new talents in different countries and retaining its best professionals. This situation happens thanks to its Remote Enterprise culture focused on the client, where agile processes and methodologies allow it to be close and promote only the necessary meetings that add value. Benefits such as Epiflex, where the professional can collaborate from anywhere in the world and at any time, and 100% Remote Work, allowed it to be competitive internationally and to scale in performance. 

Also, thinking in the incorporation of young talents and the accompaniment of this first professional stage, the company carried out four Free Training Programs in Java/React (totally online), in which more than 4,406 advanced IT students and/or Jr. professionals enrolled. After the previous selection and interview process, those who advanced were part of the training and joined the work teams.

Based on this year-end panorama and its expansion program, Epidata has outlined its guidelines to continue progressing at an international level. 

To this end, it has proposed to reach a staff of 2,500 professionals, and establish bases in Brazil (2023), Mexico, and other countries in the region in the next three years. Thinking of its global projection, it has decided that the US headquarters, in San Francisco, will be the operational platform for this purpose.

To face the new challenges, it will continue with its main strategy, seeking to sustain and expand its growth pillars through its knowledge practices, to which it will add new proposals; and it will strengthen its partnership strategy, adding new partners with global projection. Likewise, it will expand its delivery capacity, increasing its talent team by 80%.

Also, to scale its organic growth, it will make Strategic Acquisitions and maintain an investment plan that can exceed normal market flows, focused mainly on RDI (Research, Development, and Innovation) and the evolution and nurturing of talent. 

“By 2025 we expect to be among the top 10 Latin capital software companies, with the ability to integrate businesses between various regions and accompany our customers in their local and regional growth. We will continue to bring the experience of best practices to the needs they have to leverage their business -and consequently ours-, seeking to help in the constant innovation of their organization,” concluded Adrian Anacleto. 

About Epidata

Global privately-owned company specialized in innovation outsourcing, dedicated to providing software development and software design services, application modernization, RPA, machine learning and Big Data, among others. Its solutions transform businesses, optimizing operations and co-creating better digital experiences for customers and employees.

Epidata has alliances with leading innovation and knowledge companies such as Microsoft, GitLab, Mulesoft, Salesforce, Oracle, MariaDB, Red Hat and UiPath. These partnerships help other companies to stay current.

Epidata operates in Argentina, Chile, Colombia, Peru, Uruguay and the United States (San Francisco, California), where it has a track record of successful support to multinational corporations such as Stanford Research Institute International, JP Morgan, Tenaris, Turner, Telecom, HSBC, Monsanto, Walmart, Asana, among others.