At PedidosYa we are known for the diligence of our service, focused on the customer’s satisfaction: our main goal. As one of the top logistics apps that currently exist in Latin America, we receive thousands of transactions per minute from all the countries we are located in, which requires —for its success— solid, agile and efficient processes. 

Considering this, we found our daily credit card posting process to be very time-consuming: some (totally avoidable) errors were creating duplication of tasks in the finance area.

After an exhaustive discovery process, backup of tasks, and more than 10 productive processes to automate, we decided Epidata to be our partner and face, together, this transformation. It was they who, after two months of architecture assessment —service of survey and evaluation of our software system—, knew and corroborated our data and existing capacity, and analyzed and identified potential risks in our structure and processes. Finally, Epidata designed a joint working plan, in which the solution that composes the SAP system, Excel and other tools used by our collaborators would be integrated through Robotic Process Automation (RPA) with the HelpSystems software.

Epidata’s specialists have managed to standardize the process with a high degree of quality in the workflow, in the report downloading (this by connecting to Prisma), in the batch assembling, and in the uploading to SAP for daily accounting of credit card collection and for report generation. Among the benefits achieved are: 

  • Increased data processing speed.
  • Release the collaborator in another productive chain of the business.
  • Reduction of manually loading data errors.
  • Improvement of monitoring and identification of better opportunities.

After three months of development and implementation, the solution is already working successfully. The automation significantly reduced the process time, what used to take 12 hours today takes us only 2, allowing us to cover efficiently the exponential growth of the demand for our services throughout Latin America. 

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