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Today there are companies in the software industry in Argentina that have fewer than 10 employees, which will surely be worth more than YPF in 20 years. These companies are our last hope of having an industrialized country,” said Adrián Anacleto, CEO of Epidata, an Argentine software developer.

This company is expanding in the region with a mix of acquisitions and opening of its own offices. Founded by Anacleto, it invested $4.5 million this year to buy a company in Uruguay (ImparIT) and establish subsidiaries in Peru and Colombia, in addition to those it already had in Chile and the United States.

The firm, created in 2003, is dedicated to software development and architecture. It gets half of the 11 million dollars it bills abroad, but all the work is done in the country, where it has three offices in Buenos Aires and others in La Matanza, Mendoza and Córdoba.

In the following interview with iProfessional, Anacleto analyzed how computer companies and the Argentine State should be linked with global technology giants.

– Should Argentina have an ambassador to interact with the giants of the technology industry?
-Without a doubt, the answer to the question is a resounding “yes”. But not only that, we must think about a strategic plan for the diaspora abroad, in the United States in particular and, even more specifically, in Silicon Valley, which is where the epicenter of global technological innovation occurs.

The great issue in the implementation of the Argentine strategy is the focus, the long term, and the knowledge of the industry that is necessary to have for this to be successful. Sporadic and dissonant actions do not lead to anything other than damaging the positioning and image of Argentina.

From my point of view, this strategy should undoubtedly be a public-private articulation, the private sector (through its chambers) together with the public sector, financing and providing a long-term framework.

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