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In the age of digital transformation, Software Architecture Integration and interaction between systems are essential requirements for any technological solution. Epidata is the first company specialized in Software Architecture in Latin America and due to the needs of the financial industry, it developed a key piece of software integration for Banking and Financial Architectures. This connector has been reviewed and certified by MuleSoft.

A connector is a key element in Architecture and ISO 8583 is globally the common language of the financial industry.

Adrián AnacletoCeo of Epidata

The connector developed by Epidata is sold under license to the global financial market through MuleSoft’s marketplace.

What is ISO 8583?

ISO 8583 defines a message format and a communication flow so that different systems can exchange transaction requests and responses. It is used in point-of-sale(POS) terminals and automated teller machines (ATM). The ISO 8583 Connector makes it easy to read and write ISO 8583 financial transaction cards in Mule.

  • Write ISO Message: Generates a stream from a map of key value pairs, which are ISO 8583 fields.
  • Read ISO Message: Decodes a stream into a map of key value pairs which are ISO 8583 fields.


About MuleSoft Certified Connectors

MuleSoft Certified Connectors are developed by MuleSoft’s partners and developer community. These connectors have been reviewed and certified by MuleSoft.


To purchase the connector, make a request, or to get assistance or support for the ISO 8583 Connector, please contact Epidata directly at