Optimize IT management time with this tool intended for documentation and management of your applications and the relationships among them.

Mapa de Aplicaciones is a cloud accessible software – unique in the market -focused on an integral information management of applications, software and business processes which creates a tailor-made visual mapping of applications for each company and a series of maps for
the different type of users.

This software enables modelling the different components of a company / institution such as software, hardware, business and their relationships.
It also allows clients access to the software without any infrastructure or licensing investment.

This product offers a high quality service at a low cost, it is easy to operate and provides with specialized metrics and reports in a short period of time. It also offers strategic information for managerial decision-making.

Easy to adopt.

Organization according to Requirements.

It is organized in defined and logic catalogues based on business needs.


It offers flexibility depending on what is to be modeled.


Optimization of IT management time.

Quick Access

Access to a unique, updated and centralized applications information source, and to its dependences.


Information consistency for the impact analysis of applications migration.

Time Reduction

Time saving based on automatically created documentation.

Easy Access

Rapid and centralized access to information.


Guidelines to complex projects estimations.


Tools homogeneity for architecture documentation and tracking.

Succesful Cases

Applications governance

We help the largest mass consumption company in Latin America to acquire governance over their ecosystems of more than 400 applications.