ISO 8583 defines a message format and communication flow so that different systems may exchange transaction and response requests.

Software Architecture & Integration among systems is essential for technological solutions in this digital transformation age.
Epidata is the first company specialized in Software
Architecture in Latin America and, based on the financial sector needs, developed a software
integration tool for Banks and Financial Architectures. This connector has been assessed and
approved by Mulesoft.

CONNECTOR ISO 8583 enables a better reading and writing of financial transactions cards under Mule.

Writing ISO Messages

It creates a flow from a mapping of key values which correspond to ISO 8583 fields.

Reading ISO Messages

It decodes a flow from a mapping of key values which correspond to ISO 8583 fields.

About Mulesoft Certified Connectors

Mulesoft certified connectors are developed by Partners and the Developers Community of Mulesoft. These are connectors which are reviewed and certified by the same entity. Should you need to acquire the connector, or require assistance or support, directly contact Epidata to the following e-mail address:

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