MuleSoft is the most used integration platform related to SaaS companies’ applications.

Epidata has been MuleSoft official partner since 2013, which is one of the most well-known open source suppliers of web middleware worldwide. Epidata, supported by MuleSoft, is specialized in rendering development services on the integration platform Mule ESB (Enterprise Service Bus), which enables a quick and easy connection of business applications and services by means of the use of SOA principles.

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  • Applications development and maintenance on mule platforms
  • Mule architecture definition and validation
  • Troubleshooting in productive environments
  • Software development in Mule ESB, Nube Hub and TCAT
  • Training and coaching
  • Applications performance and tuning
  • Subscription and support
  • Updating of existing systems

Epidata provides services related to the following platforms and frameworks based on tools detailed information access and services knowledge.

  • Anypoint Platform
  • Tcat – Enterprise Solution for Apache Tomcat
  • Mule ESB Enterprise Management
  • CloudHub
  • Mule ESB